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2013 Edition, March Issue

Resident Hall Security
by Sgt. Ed Jones

    Whenever you live away from home for the first time, a new experience awaits. This new experience should be one of enjoyment and gratification as you enter the university community. As such, you should also remember to be safe as the new experience begins. Here are some general tips to follow as you begin your new experience away from home:

  • Lock doors when you leave the room, regardless of the length of time you plan to be gone. Lock your door when you are sleeping in your room.
  • Do not prop open doors and do not open doors for strangers.
  • Do not keep money, purses, wallets or jewelry lying out in your room. Keep them out of sight in a hidden place.
  • Mark your clothing in a place other than the label with a laundry pencil or needle and thread.
  • University regulations prohibit soliciting or sales in the residence halls. Never allow a door-to-door salesman to enter your room. Call University Police (36222) as soon as possible.
  • Do not leave notes on your door announcing that no one is home.
  • Do not take in overnight guests you do not know. Treat your room as you would a private residence. Know the person you are opening the door for.
  • If checks or credit cards are stolen, report them to University Police (36222) and your credit card companies immediately. The thief may be apprehended trying to use the stolen card or check.
  • Never lend your keys or student I.D, to anyone. Report lost or stolen keys ASAP. A lost or stolen key only makes the property of you and your roommate vulnerable to theft.
  • Be suspicious of unknown persons or strangers loitering or checking doors in your dormitory area. Note their description and call University Police (36222) immediately.
  • Do not load your car the night before going home for vacation or a holiday.
  • The University does not compensate residents for losses — suggest parent’s check to see if they are covered by a homeowner’s policy.



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