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2012 Edition, December Issue

Winter Driving Tips
by Sgt. Ed Jones

    Be prepared for the unexpected emergency . . . always carry a First Aid kit, ice scraper, flashlight, flares, jumping cables, a blanket, winter gloves, and your cell phone.

    A blanket is a good idea and if you have any winter clothes you don't wear anymore, especially boots, throw them in the trunk too.

    Give yourself more time to prepare for winter driving. It is a common sense thing to do. While the engine is warming, take the time to do the following:

  • Make sure to scrape the windshield, windows, headlights, taillights, license plates and side view mirrors, the snow and ice block visibility.
  • Clear off the loose snow off the hood too. The ice or snow blow into the vents when the car starts to move and instantly fogs up the vents.
  • Winter conditions can affect a driver's ability to control a vehicle. Be aware that conditions can change suddenly so begin by leaving for your destination earlier than you normally would during pleasant weather.
  • As you approach an intersection, scan for traction (i.e. sand, bare pavement)
  • Accelerate and decelerate gradually.
  • Make sure all lights are working and always use your headlights when it's snowing.
  • Keep wiper blades in good working condition and keep washer fluids levels full.
  • Check tires for tread and proper inflation and add weight to rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

    These tips should help keep you safe during times of poor highway conditions.

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