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2013 Edition, September Issue

Let's Work Together To Prevent Crime On Campus
by Officer Ed Jones

A Crime Prevention Message for University Employees

    Crime reduction on campus requires the continued active support of the University community. Here are some crime prevention tips, which will help achieve this goal.

  • Operation Identification – Engrave your drivers license number and state on personal items of value at your office or workplace. Contact our office about an engraver.
  • Secure your keys – Keep your personal keys secure at all times.
  • Secure Your Office – Appoint someone to make sure your office is locked at night. Make it a team effort.
  • Secure your purse – Keep purses inside a locked cabinet or drawer. It takes only a few seconds for a theft to take place.
  • Personal Safety – Notify University Police, 410-543-6222, when working alone at night or on weekends at the University. We will try to keep an eye on you.
  • Reduce Opportunity – Walk only in lighted areas at night. Walk with a friend, if possible. Try to avoid carrying large sums of money. If you are uncomfortable walking to your car alone after dark, call for an escort.
  • Report Losses – Report the loss or theft of equipment, or valuables immediately to the University Police.
  • Stay Alert – Be alert to strangers wandering aimlessly around your office or work area. A common ploy for individuals bent upon criminal intent is to say they are looking for work or a job.



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