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2013 Edition, May Issue

Fundamentals of College Safety
by Ed Jones

Upon arrival to a college campus a student may feel safe in the friendly environment. There is merit in this feeling as safety on campus is greater than off campus. However, by practicing the following fundamentals a student is able to enhance their safety in the avoidance against potential threats.

One fundamental is to decline invitations to have your picture and personal information published for distribution. The publication of your information also applies to what a student plcaes on their facebook page.

A second fundamental a college, study the routes and neighborhoods you will be encountering during trips to classes and activities. Also, know the location of the campus emergency phones.

In addition to the second fundamental, once you have learned the routes is to share your class/activity schedule with close friends and family. This lets others know of your location and creates a buddy system.

A third fundamental is the treatment of your personal property. If you wish to keep your property do not set that property down and leave it sitting alone. Be it going to the Dining Hall, the Library or the Gym. The fastest way to have your property taken is to set it down and leave it. As such, the next most important aspect of keeping your property is to have it properly marked. It does not does not help a theft investigation if there is no way to identify your property.

Be smart and stay safe. 

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