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2014 Edition, April Issue

Crosswalk Safety
by Sgt. Ed Jones

     The streets and sidewalks around the area of Salisbury University campus stay busy with motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic during the day and early evening. It is imperative that pedestrians and motorists understand what their responsibilities are under Maryland Traffic Law. Maryland law states that pedestrians have the right-of-way at controlled intersections and in marked crosswalks. It is required of the motorist to bring their vehicle to a complete stop when a pedestrian is crossing in the crosswalk of the roadway. The vehicle is to remain stopped until the pedestrian has cleared the lane (half of the roadway) in which the vehicle is traveling.

     Pedestrians need to realize that precaution is a must for their own personal protection. At Salisbury University, pedestrians should use the underpass when crossing RT.13. Pedestrians should not pick just any area of the road to cross or run across. Make use of the marked crosswalks especially along Camden and College avenue. Pedestrians should not leave a curb or other place of safety unless there is adequte distance for a motorist to stop and yield. A pedestrian needs to realize that crossing a street at other than at a marked crosswalk gives the motorist the right-of-way. The pedestrian must give the motorist the right-of-way at all areas other than marked crosswalks and controlled intersections.

     Safety is of paramount importance at Salisbury University, do not take crossing the street lightly. Use the marked crosswalks for your own protection. The statistics of injured and killed pedestrians involved in traffic crashes is staggering. 2003 NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) Pedestrian facts include:

  • 4,749 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes.
  • 70,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic crashes.
  • On average, a pedestrian is killed almost every two hours and injured every eight minutes.  

     Remember to be safe, do not take crossing a roadway lightly.     


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