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2014 Edition, September Issue

Welcome to the fall 2014 semester at Salisbury University. There are a number of incoming first year students ready to begin their collegiate career. Take a look at the following articles to foster a better understanding of how to avoid becoming a victim of crime.  

Officer Ed Jones

What to Expect When Making A Police Report
By Officer Ed Jones
    When you report a crime or suspicious activity, seconds seem like hours. Your first police contact will most likely be the dispatcher. The dispatcher’s function is to . . .

Office, Classroom or Laboratory Safety
By Officer Ed Jones
    Many students, faculty and staff feel safe once they have entered a locked classroom building. This is not always the case and there are steps you can take to better take care . . .

Student Crime Prevention
By Officer Ed Jones
Throughout my years as an officer at Salisbury University, I have time and again dealt with people who want to report a theft or a crime days after the event has happened. Your involvement is . . .


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