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University Police eNewsletter

2014 Edition, April Issue

The month of April is upon us and the semester is moving along. Take a look at the following information to further your understanding in protecting yourself.

Sgt. Ed Jones

Safety Tips for Walking at Night
By Ed Jones
    Walking alone at night is not the best choice an individual can make. There have been several incidents that have taken place on campus where individuals were victims of a . . .

Crosswalk Safety
By Sgt. Ed Jones
     The streets and sidewalks around the area of Salisbury University campus stay busy with motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic during the day and early evening. It is . . .

Stalking on College Campuses
By Sgt. Ed Jones
     Stalking refers to harassing or threatening behavior that an individual engages in repeatedly. Aspects of stalking may include; following a person, leaving harassing messages . . .

Hazing is Also Bullying
By Ed Jones
Hazing has been an age old rite of passage at many collegiate institutions. Hazing is a prevalent type of bullying in college. Hazing is often brushed off as normal and part of the college . . .


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