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Shipping & Receiving

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  • The Receiving/Delivery Address for the University:
    Salisbury University
    119 Bateman Street
    Salisbury MD 21804
  • Hours for Receiving:
    8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
    Monday thru Friday
  • UPS World Ship Form [PDF]

If you are expecting a delivery or have special delivery requirement for an expect delivery please contact Shipping/Receiving at ext. 36256 or 75002.

Shipping Overnight Letters & Packages via UPS or FedEx (United Parcel Service and Federal Express)

NOTE: FedEx and UPS WILL NOT come to your individual office.

Specific questions regarding this topic can be directed to the following locations only:

Accounts Payable - 66201: Overnight Letters

Campus Post Office - 66903: Overnight Letters and Overnight Packages for Students, the Bookstore and the Commons

Support Services - Central Receiving - 36256: Overnight Packages

*Accounts Payable - Overnight Letters Only*

  • Sending: An Overnight Letter being sent via FedEx (Federal Express) and UPS (United Parcel Service) must be taken to HH 218. UPS routinely picks up in the afternoon. FedEx only picks up at the request of the Sender. The Sender must call Federal Express (1-800-463-3339) and request pickup of the letter at HH 218. FedEx will indicate the approximate time of the pickup. It is the Senders responsibility to ensure that the letter arrives at HH 218 prior to the established pickup time. The Sender must obtain a purchase order number prior to requesting the pickup by Federal Express, and this number must be included on the letter documentation to ensure proper handling and payment.
  • Delivery: An Overnight Letter delivered to HH 218 will be handled in the following manner. A clerk will sign for and log in the letter, noting the date and time of delivery. The clerk will then call the Addressee immediately, noting the date/time of notification and person notified. The Addressee has two options for delivery of the item: 1) send someone to Accounts Payable in HH 218 to pick up the letter, or 2) request that it be placed in the campus mail for delivery. The method of delivery requested will be noted on the log.

*University Post Office*

  • Sending: The University Post Office is an extension of the U.S. Post Office. Any and all services provided at the U.S. Post Office are also available through our campus operation.
  • Delivery: FedEx and UPS Overnight Letters and Overnight Packages addressed to Students, the Bookstore, and the Commons are delivered to the University Post Office. Upon receipt of one of these items, including overnight letters to all other campus departments, the University Post Office staff will notify the Addressee immediately by telephone that the item has been received, noting the date/time of notification and person notified. The Addressee has two options for delivery of the item: 1) send someone to the Post Office to pick up the letter or package, or 2) request that it be placed in the campus mail for delivery. The method of delivery requested will be noted on the log.

*Support Services*

*All Overnight Packages are sent from Support Services, regardless of the Carrier used*

  • Sending - Federal Express: FedEx requires at least a 2 hour notice for all pick-ups. Therefore, the Sending Department needs to contact Support Services no later than 12:00 p.m. to have the package picked-up from your department and/or have the package to Support Service by 2:00 p.m. to insure that it will be shipped the same day. You must send a requisition to Support Services with the address information when using FedEx. NOTE: If the package is not at Support Services by 2:00 p.m., there is no guarantee that the package will be picked up that day.
  • Sending - United Parcel Service: UPS picks up items being sent from the University at approximately 3:00 p.m. daily. The Sender must have the package at the Support Services Receiving office prior to 1:00 p.m. in order to ship out that day. Please fill-out a UPS World Ship Form for each package. If you do not have this form, please contact Support Service and we will e-mail one to you.

    Your department will be charged for packages that are shipped overnight or 2nd day Air.
  • Delivery: Overnight Packages from FedEx and UPS (not addressed to Students, the Book Store or the Commons) will be delivered to Support Services for disposition.

    Upon receiving an OVERNIGHT PACKAGE, Support Services staff will handle it in the following manner. If the package is on a Requisition or a Purchase Order, it will be checked in and the department notified. If the package is not on a Requisition or a Purchase Order, the Addressee will be called immediately, noting the date/time of notification and person notified. In both cases the department/addressee has two options for delivery of the item: 1) Send someone to Support Services to pick up the package, or 2) Have Support Services deliver the package on the next regular delivery to your department, (which may not be that day). The method of delivery requested will be noted on the log.
    Shipping packages out using UPS from Central Receiving:

    Receiving will produce the shipping/tracking label for your package by using the UPS On-Line World Ship program, so you no longer need to do a shipping label. However, you will need to be sure to fill out a UPS World Ship Form and attach it to your package.

    Please complete the UPS World Ship Form, tape it to your package and once your package is ready to be shipped you may either bring your package to Support Services, 119 Bateman St. by 1 p.m. OR call Central Receiving at ext. 36256, prior to 11 a.m. to have your package picked-up from your office for same day shipping.

    NOTE: If you wish for your package to be shipped out any other way other than ground (3RD Day Select, 2ND Day Air, 2ND Day Air AM, Next Day Air,
    Next Day Air Early AM or Next Day Air Saver), your department will be responsible for the shipping cost associated with this package. In this case the department must provide an account code to charge for the shipping fees.

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