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Support Services / PIC

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PIC Operations - Part 2

Procedures for Event Support/Set-up

Your event will only be as successful as the planning and participation of the sponsoring staff puts into it. We suggest that the person coordinating the event do a walk-through of the event site before prior to the event set-up with a staff member from Support Services.

  1. Contact persons name and phone #
  2. Date of event
  3. Location of event (Building & Room #)
  4. Start time of event
  5. Name of event
  6. Date/time the event will conclude
  7. List if items needed to be set-up

DIAGRAM OF SET-UP (attached to Work Order)

  • Location of the items to be set-up (i.e. Supplied by Support Services, FH Music RM, etc)
  • Location where the items need to be returned
  • Date/time set-up can occur
  • Date/time equipment on the request can be picked for return up by Support Services
  • Statement that Facilities Reservations has approved the reservation and the space had been reserved for set-up

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Rain/Inclement Weather location Events scheduled to take place outside must have an inclement weather location coordinated and planned in case the event must be moved indoors due to bad weather or indicate that the event will be cancelled. Decisions to change the location to the inclement location must be NO LATER THAN twenty-four (24) hours prior to the event, or by 11 AM on Fridays for a weekend event. Cancellations of scheduled events are subject to a minimum charge fee due to scheduling of non-retractable labor commitments on the part of the Contractor.

NOTE: Auxiliary, Grants, Foundation & Self funded Accounts will be charged for support


  • Folding Chairs
  • Folding Tables (Table Skirts are provided by Dinning Services)
  • Risers/Stage (Dimensions of risers)
  • Stanchions (Colors of each)(15-white, 15-red, 15-gold)
  • Stanchion Tack Boards (Used to hang posters from)
  • Lecterns (Table Top/Free Standing)
  • Aluminum Folding Easels (Easel Pads MUST be ordered from Support Services at the departments expense on a separate Supply/Work Order) (No Markers Supplied)
  • SU Black Captains Chairs (If applicable)
  • Rolling White Double Sided Marker Boards (2 available for temporary use only, i.e., not longer than 24 working hours)

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Requesting departments are solely and directly responsible to schedule designated rooms or facilities they wish to use thru the Office of Facilities Reservations /admin/reserve/.

If Guerrieri University Center is the site or listed as your rain location, all room set-up are coordinated by the day building manager Dolores Karamian at ext. 66786 or e-mail Also, Commons Building set-ups are coordinated by Judy Twilley at ext. 36173. Exception: Round tables are delivered to CB by Support Services, so these requests are to be sent to Support Services and Judy Twilley must know that arrangements have been made with Support Services by the requesting department.

Maggs Center Main Gym Setups:
When using this space, a floor tarp must be put down before the set-up can occur. There will be a charge of $150.00 associated with the set up and breakdown of this space.

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Procedures to Remove/Transfer/Dispose of Property

Departments requesting equipment and/or furniture to be moved/relocated or disposal of from their department should provide the following information on the Work Order:

  1. Contact persons name and phone #
  2. Building and Room # to pick up from
  3. Reason for removing from inventory
  4. Quantity (How many items?)
  5. Items complete description (color, size, etc.)
  6. Statement of the condition of item and if it is operational (Excellent, 7. Good, Fair, Poor, Does not work, Obsolete, Torn, Broken, etc)
  7. SU Tag # and/or serial #
  8. Make and/or model
  9. And a clear statement that the department wants the item removed from their inventory to University Surplus.

If an inventory tag is still on the item, please DO NOT remove the tag, Support Services will remove this. Your account MAY BE subject to Landfill charges if the item is disposed of or is determined to be unusable/obsolete. Support Services follows the Procedures that are on the SU Inventory Control Website.

If the equipment is technology related, forward requests to the Information Technology department via work order or an IT service request. IT service request forms are available from the IT department by calling ext. 36112.

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Procedures to Request the Transfer of Surplus Property

Please feel free to visit the Support Services Building to view items that are in surplus or call ext. 36210 to see if we have what you need in surplus. All items are on a first come first serve basis. Once identified, please send a Work Order with all of the following information:

  1. Contact persons name and phone #
  2. Quantity of items
  3. Item description (color, size, etc)
  4. Condition of the item (Excellent, Good, Fair, etc)
  5. SU Tag # and/or serial #
  6. Make and/or Model #
  7. Indicated that it is being transferred from Surplus to XX, Room # (Building code and room #)

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General Moves of Offices or items within your Office, Department or Building and Large Moves of Offices/Departments

Departments needing the help of the Support Services to move equipment or furniture as in rearranging furniture or offices, moving boxes, etc. must send a Work Order request to Support Services to the attention of Angie Walston in order to schedule this support.

Communication Equipment/Phones

Phones/Faxes may be moved by the Support Services, however, arrangements of disconnecting and connecting service is to be coordinated by your department with Telecommunications, Brenda Stanley at ext. 36501.

Document Centers

Support Services is not responsible for moving this type of equipment. Please contact the Xerox Representative or Publications for instructions on how this equipment may be moved.

Computer/IT Equipment

Computers, printers and etc. are to be moved by IT. Please contact the IT Help Desk/Technology Support at ext. 75454 for coordination and procedures for moving these types of equipment.


Departments faced with a requirement to conduct a movement of furniture, equipment, or other items, either large or small in volume, must notify Elaine Allnutt, Support Services as soon as a move has been identified. This is especially important in cases of large moves involving two or more offices for example. Small moves can be handled through the Work Order Request System for Support Services Movements. Early warning will allow time for the staff to begin planning to support the move and incorporate this requirement into the daily scheduling if possible. This early notice is even more critical in the case of large moves if it is found that an outside mover must be contracted due to over commitments of the Support Services Movements. Support Services must be given all the lead time possible in order to comply with procurement laws, if applicable, and to effectively coordinate the move.

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Listed below are the administrative guidelines that departments must follow in preparation for a move regardless of the size:

Packing for shipment or unpacking after shipment is the sole responsibility of the department personnel concerned. Outside contractors and Support Services personnel are expressly prohibited from performing this function.

All file cabinets, desks, bookcases, storage cabinets, supply rooms, and in general all items of equipment or furniture containing supplies or material must be empty and the contents packed in boxes for shipment.

All items of a personal nature to include machines, equipment, radios, CDs, valuables, pictures, rugs, furniture, and any other items not named, that are the personal property of an individual, must be packed and moved by that individual or their designated representative. Support Services personnel and Contract personnel are expressly prohibited from moving personal items of any nature. Furthermore, Salisbury University will assume no responsibility what so ever for personal property damaged, loss or stolen during any movements. It is the sole responsibility of individuals concerned that they are completely responsible for any items left behind at the start of the move that may be mistakenly included in with University property and moved by either PIC Operations or contract movers. Salisbury University Employees will Save Harmless Salisbury University, its agents and employees, from charges for and arising directly or indirectly from damage, loss or theft to any and all items of personal property that were left behind by accident or as a result of the improper actions of the owner of the property and which was erroneously included in any movement and was subsequently damaged, lost or stolen during the move.

Support Services will provide, free of charge, 1.5 CF boxes, masking tape and labels to facilitate preparing for a move. No box larger than 1.5 CF will be provided or accepted for movement. This size box provides for standardization and fits properly on movement trucks without overhang. When filled with books the 1.5 CF box is at the upper limit of safely moveable weight given the equipment in use by Support Services and contract movers. Contact Central Receiving, Bill Hussey at ext. 36256 to obtain boxes, tape and colored tags.

All boxes, furniture, and in general all items of University property to be moved must be labeled by the moving department with the following information:

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  1. Building/Office moved from
  2. Building/Office to be moved to
  3. Name of Employee assigned to
  4. Colored Tag Move Indicator (Please note that on any given move the colors of tags used may vary due to availability at that time. The colors to be used will be updated and published with each move)


    Green/Blue Tag To be used on items to be moved to the new office/room.
    Red/Orange Tag To be used on items not to be moved.
    Yellow Tag To be reserved for items to be thrown away or taken to Surplus and removed from the departmental inventory. Items found with no colored tag will be treated as a red tag item. Items hung on walls, to be moved, must be taken down by the department and setting on the floor to be moved.

Items securely attached to walls, large multiple section furniture, electrical apparatus or any other similar items that require dismantling that are to be moved must be dismantled or removed from the wall by the appropriate Physical Plant trades personnel to actual movement day and set on the floor. Please coordinate this requirement with the Assistant Director Physical Plant for Trades Personnel at ext. 82532 prior to submitting work order requests.

Departments with items to be moved that are abnormally large, heavy, especially sensitive, hazardous or explosive in nature will require special handling. Please notify Support Services in your early communications if any of these conditions exist. Items that might be covered with hazardous residue must be thoroughly cleaned or completely encased in plastic covering prior to movement. Support Services does not move hazardous waste.

Moving departments must provide a knowledgeable representative for the department at the shipping point and at the receiving point to coordinate the move and answer all questions concerning the placement of furniture and items in general.

Moving departments are solely responsible to ensure that all departmental personnel complete the packing phase of the move with respect to individual equipment, personal items and with respect to communal areas. Personal items and furniture for department staff members who are absent, on vacation, sabbatical or out sick or gone for any reason become the responsibility of the departmental leadership to ensure that the items are properly packed for movement. Areas found not to be packed once the move begins will cause a cessation of the move upon discovery and the move will not resume until the area is properly packed.

Departments are requested to save moving boxes issued for their move once they are unpacked. Please break them down and stack them in a corner, and notify Support Services, Shipping and Receiving Department, Bill Hussey at ext. 36256 and they will be picked up. Your understanding and assistance is greatly appreciated in this matter. For questions or comments please contact Elaine Allnutt at ext. 36506.

Support Services is located at 119 Bateman St, ext. 36210, fax 89186, e-mail Hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, (Summer hours 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM). All times are Monday thru Friday, holidays and weekends excluded.

Your understanding and assistance is greatly appreciated in this matter. For questions or comments please contact Elaine Allnutt at ext. 36506.

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