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Sample Supply Order / Work Order (image)

Inventory Stock (Excel)

How to Fill Out a Supply Order / Work Order for Inventory

Fill out each block on the Supply Order/Work Order with the following information:

  1. REQUESTING DEPT. (the Department Name),
  2. REQUESTING DEPT. ACCOUNTING CODE (the Budget requesting the order),
  3. REQUESTED BY (name or person requesting the order),
  4. DATE,
  5. APPROVED BY(Signature of the Budget Administrator or a designate for the account listed,
  6. DATE,
  7. DATE REQUIRED (at least 3 working days after Support Services receives the
    Work Order),
  8. TO: (Mark Central Stores on older forms, or Support Services on newer forms),
  9. ACCOUNT CODE (To be CHARGED or CREDITED this may not always be the same as the # in block #2),
  10. DELIVER TO: (the building code and room # to the location you want the order to be delivered, along with a contact persons extension),
  11. NUMBER (the Support Services Inventory number for the item you are ordering),
  12. DESCRIPTION (the name of the item you are ordering),
  13. ISSUE UNIT the Unit of measure in which this item is packaged, i.e. each, case, etc.),
  14. NO. REQ (how many issue units you are requesting).

After completing the Supply Order/Work Order, pull the fifth copy (CANARY) for your records and forward all other copies to Support Services.

  • DELIVERY: Once Support Services receives your Supply Order/Work Order it will be scheduled for delivery within three (3) working days. When your order is delivered, please check to be sure that you are receiving the order as it was placed. If there is an error we ask that you please contact our Inventory Specialist at ext. 66014 so we can correct any problems, our records and your account.
  • BACK ORDERS: If items requested are not currently in stock, Support Services will automatically place the orders on Back Order and the order will be filled and delivered once stock is available.
  • CREDITS: Credits are issued for items that have not been used, were received in the current Fiscal Year as they were ordered and at the current price the items is at the time of the return. If you need a credit, simply send the item(s) back to Support Services accompanied by a Work Order filled out just as if you are ordering the item, but place CR to the left of block # 11 (in the TRANS column). Or call us and we will pick them up from your office.

If you need to know if an item is in stock, have questions about how to fill out a Supply Order/Work Order or need assistance please call Customer Service at ext. 36210 or our Inventory Specialist at ext. 66014.

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Support Services has many categories and items in stock. Here are the Categories:

A Automotive
C Computer Forms (IT)
D Desk Top Supply (note: once these items are used they will no longer be stocked)
E Electrical
F Forms
G Lawn / Grounds
H Hardware
J Janitorial
K Office Furniture
N Restricted Print Material (Admissions)
O Office
P Plumbing / Heating
R Refrigeration
W Apparel
X Duplicating Paper

Please review the Inventory Stock (link to PDF) for exact description and issue units. If you have any questions about what we do or do not have one please call customer service at ext. 36533 or our inventory control clerk at ext. 66014.

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