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Department Contacts
Frank Bowen
Assistant Director of Physical Plant, Horticulture/Grounds

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The Horticulture/Grounds Department exists to support the academic, administrative, and auxiliary operations of the 145 acre university.  The department is charged with:  athletic field maintenance and athletic operations support, turf and plant bed maintenance, irrigation and fountain maintenance, trash removal/recycling, snow removal, parking lot maintenance and cleaning, campus policing (trash), walk cleaning, and in maintaining the university's arboretum. 

The Salisbury University campus was declared an arboretum in 1988.  It exists to provide an attractive landscape setting, conducive to learning, that demonstrates the diversity of the Plant Kingdom.  This setting supports the academic institution, especially the biological sciences, and is provided for the benefit of all students, faculty, and staff.  

The development of the campus arboretum and grounds requires the collection of documented plants, suitable to the local climactic conditions, from other arboreta and botanical gardens as well as plants from all regions of the world.

The Horticulture Department strives to landscape all areas of the campus with both rare and unusual plants and those species that are indigenous to the area, in an effort to aid in the conservation of a diverse gene pool.

Members of the university and surrounding community are encouraged to utilize the resources of the arboretum and grounds for purposes of instruction and education.

The Horticulture Department consists of 13 full time employees and up to 40 part-time student employees.


Salisbury University provides annual recycling data to MDE, along with Maryland’s 23 Counties, Baltimore City, and State government agencies to create the All StAR (All State Agencies Recycle) Program.

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