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Who do I contact for maintenance and housekeeping emergencies after hours?

Contact University Police at ext 36222 after 5:00 p.m. , identify the problem and the communications operator will make the necessary contact. 

Why did someone from Physical Plant come into my room/office when I was not there?

Physical Plant will only enter into a student room if they are responding to an emergency call or have a work order for work to be done in that room/office. Physical Plant staff will knock on the door and announce their presence by saying “MAINTENANCE!”. If no one answers, then they will knock again, identify themselves, and then enter the room. 

What is the priority of a work order? When will someone respond?

Priority “1” work orders are emergencies, life safety, and security issues which require immediate attention. Priority “2” work orders are date sensitive items. Priority “3” work orders are routine and are completed in the order of being received. Priority “4” work orders are renovations and new installations, are completed based on time availability.  

Why are the heating or cooling systems in the Residence Halls sometimes turned off?

If we are in cooling season and the outside air temperatures are below 70 degrees, the cooling systems are generally turned off.  In heating season, if the outside temperature is above 50 degrees, the heating systems are generally turned off.  These policies were developed to help conserve energy while providing a comfortable environment for our students. 

If I see bugs (ants, roaches, etc.) whom do I call? When does the exterminator arrive?

Please call the Facility Repair Center at 73097 to report any bug activity. Physical Plant will log the sighting and the exterminator will respond.

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