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Energy Management

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The goal of the Energy Manager is to provide as comfortable a work and learning environment as possible in the most economical way possible. The energy manager is responsible for tracking all utility costs/bills, managing the energy management system, managing the temperature control contract, and addressing all temperature control problems on campus.

Heating and cooling on campus is provided by a distributed system. The university has 26 boilers providing heat and domestic hot water and 20 chillers ranging from 20 tons to 500 tons of cooling to all major buildings on campus. There is also approximately 250 tons of geothermal heating and cooling serving 4 buildings on campus.  In addition there are a number of individual air conditioners, heat pumps, small boilers and furnaces located on campus and in the satellite properties.

There are 25 buildings tied into the Building Automation System connected to a central control computer via the campus computer network. Through this system we are able to start and stop equipment, adjust set-points, confirm operations and trouble shoot problems.

Utility Consumption and Costs

Look at the recent energy consumption history at Salisbury University. We are always trying to keep consumption down while providing a comfortable environment for learning.