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Baccalaureate Degrees in Engineering

The Physics Department offers several tracks leading toward Bachelor's degrees in Physics and/or Engineering.  These programs of study are delineated below:

  1. Physics/Microelectronics (PDF)
  2. Physics/General (PDF)
  3. 3-2 Dual Degree (Physics/Engineering) (PDF)
  4. Physics (Engineering Physics) (PDF)

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    The 3-2 dual-degree pre-engineering program is a cooperative program with the University of Maryland, Old Dominion University and Widener University.  Under the program, a student normally attends Salisbury University for three years and one of the cooperating engineering schools for two years.  During the first three years at SU the student must complete all required General Education courses, the physics core, and all prescribed courses as determined by the particular engineering program and maintain a 3.0 grade point average.  Transfer students entering the dual-degree program are required to complete a minimum of 60 semester hours at SU.  An additional 30 hours must be completed at the receiving institution with at least 15 hours in engineering or related courses to receive a physics degree from Salisbury University.  To receive an engineering degree, an additional 30 hours (for a total 150) must be completed at receiving institution. Upon successful completion of the five-year program, a student will be awarded a baccalaureate degree from Salisbury University as well as an appropriate engineering degree from the engineering school attended.

    The courses at Salisbury University which are required for the dual-degree engineering program are described in the Salisbury University Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog with other programs offered by the Physics and Chemistry departments in the Richard A. Henson School of Science and Technology.

    Students in approved dual-degree programs may use credits and grades from the participating institutions as well as Salisbury University in meeting the requirements for graduating with honors.

Salisbury University 3-2 Program & A. James Clark School of Engineering (UMCP) 

    The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Support, a unit of the Clark School of Engineering, provides a broad variety of services to assist undergraduate engineering students.  and admission information

For further information on our Engineering degree programs please contact our Engineering Coordinator, Dr. Mark Muller, Assistant Professor of Physics [email: or Phone:  410-677-0023].

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