Holloway Hall

Professional Development BUAD 300

Business 300 Class: Personal and Professional Development for Business

BUAD 300 is a pass/fail, 1-credit graduation requirement and co-requisite to MGMT 320. This course is designed to allow the students to acquire the necessary information that one will need post-graduation from the experience of business professionals throughout the local area.  It is delivered by MGMT 320 faculty.  Required assignments include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend two mandatory class meetings

  • Attend Junior Orientation

  • Complete online sexual harassment tutorial

  • Attend a Speaking Event

  • Complete 2 Writing Assignments

  • View 6 online videos related to PSB goals

  • Quizzes

Students’ grades will be based on attendance of the workshops, written assignments, as well as quizzes on the contents of both the online videos and workshops.   There is a required textbook for the course.  Additional readings may be assigned.  

Note: there is a $25 materials fee associated with this course.