Holloway Hall

Probation Program

Retention is essential for the credibility of the University, as well as financially.  SU’s highest purpose is to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and core values that contribute to active citizenship, gainful employment, and life‑long learning in a democratic society and interdependent world.  The University thrives itself on graduating its students and cost of retaining of student is substantially lower than recruiting another student fill to the void.

We have implemented an Academic Recovery Program to assist and retain students who have been placed on academic probation in reestablishing academic stability.  Probation students can register for no more than five courses for a total of 16 credit hours per semester and may not elect to take any courses on a pass/fail basis if the courses are offered for a grade.   

The Advising Services Coordinator will assist and advise students on probation, having a voluntary probation contract they can sign to guide them in the right direction.  Students who sign probation contracts with the ASC will also make follow-up appointments to review their progress and plan for the future.