Holloway Hall

Graduation Application Process

When to apply for a graduation audit: 

Students must apply for graduation online using GullNet.  Once logging onto GullNet, students would click Student Services Center, and then Application for Graduation.

The academic records of degree candidates who apply for graduation on time are audited for graduation requirements, and the candidates are notified of any deficiencies, giving them an opportunity to satisfy any remaining, unfulfilled requirements during their last semester of enrollment.  If you do not apply for graduation on time you will not have an official graduation audit completed. 

Additionally, during pre-registration the semester before you are graduating you will need to complete an unofficial graduation audit with your Faculty Advisor.  You will need to inform your Faculty Advisor that you need to have an unofficial graduation audit completed with them.  To have the audit completed with your Faculty Advisor you will need to bring your degree progress report with you to your advising meeting.