Holloway Hall

Closed Courses

During Program Planning, students can register for upcoming courses they chose to take.  However, in some cases the courses they prefer may be closed.  When all offered sections for a course is closed students are able to join a waitlist (if any sections are open then there will be no waitlist).  Students may join the waitlist by going to the department Administrative Assistant and signing up for the selected course number and section.  When a spot opens for the selected course they will be notified through email by an Administrative Assistant. 

After Program Planning, students may talk to the Department Chair of the course that is currently closed and see if they may be added to the class roster if they were unable to put themselves on the waitlist during Program Planning.  If so they would need to fill up an add slip and have it signed by the appropriate Department Chair.  Add slips are located in the Registrars Office.

* * *