Holloway Hall

Advising and Expectations

The Advising Services Office provides information to students who have additional questions after meeting with their Faculty Advisor.  Information from this office does not take the place of meetings with the student’s Faculty Advisor.  The office provides permission to study at another institution, resources, major and minor information, Professional Program admission criteria, as well as pertinent forms and documentation needed for graduation.

Advising Services Coordinator:


Expectations of the Advising Services Office:

  • Meet with students who need further assistance after speaking with their faculty advisor.

  • Complete the change of major/minor paperwork with students and review requirements.

  • Assign Faculty Advisors to incoming students.

  • Hold academic workshops for students throughout the semester.

  • Meet with students who wish to study at another institution.

  • Post substitutions and record all waivers for students.

  • Admit students to the Professional Program and send correspondence about admission.

  • Advise all business minors throughout their career at Salisbury.

  • Communicate curriculum, graduation requirements, and university policies and procedures to faculty and students.

Expectations of Faculty Advisors:

  • Assist students in exploring areas of study.  Help students choose the appropriate majors, minors, and tracks.
  • Have a minimum of five office hours each week.  These hours will be posted on your Faculty Advisor’s door or website. 
  • Communicate degree requirements, curriculum, graduation requirements, and policies/procedures to students.  These are found in your MyClasses Advising area.
  • Listen to students and confidentially advise them.  Faculty Advisors will not speak with your parents about your academics.
  • Refer students to other offices when appropriate.
  • Provide accurate information to students.

Expectations of Students:

  • Accept responsibility for your academic progression and decisions.
  • Review your academic requirements report each semester and track your progression. 
  • Meet with your Faculty Advisor at least once a semester.  
  • Come prepared to all advising meetings with questions and advising materials.
  • Review SU and PSB policies and procedures in your catalog and direct any questions to your faculty advisor.
  • Seek out help when needed, do not wait until the last minute.
  • Check your school email account on a weekly basis.