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SU Catalog

Students must follow their assigned checklist according to their catalog year and major.  The student’s catalog year is determined by the year they entered Salisbury University.  Catalogs are good for up to seven years.  A students catalog can be viewed at http://www.salisbury.edu/perdue/studentservices/advising/Checklists/index.html#majors.

Choice of Catalog

Salisbury University issues a new catalog every one or two years, and the requirements for degree programs may change from one catalog to a new catalog.  Students have the right to choose the catalog they’ll use.

An undergraduate student remaining in attendance in regular sessions at any Maryland State University campus, at any Maryland community college, or any combination of Maryland community colleges and campuses of the Maryland State University, may for purposes of meeting graduation requirements, elect to meet the requirements in effect at the campus from which the student will graduate either:

  • at the time the student began such attendance, or
  • at the time of entrance to the campus, or
  • at the time of graduation, or
  • as allowed by campus policy

Campus authorities may authorize or require substitutions for discontinued courses.  A campus may require a student changing his or her major or any minor field of study to complete the major or minor requirements in effect at the time of the change.

For purposes of this section, “attendance” means attendance in at least one semester or two quarters each university year.  Absence due to an approved educational leave or for attendance at another accredited institution of higher learning shall not be considered an interruption in attendance, if the absence does not exceed two years.

Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

The entire catalog can be found here. The importance of the catalog is to provide information about Salisbury University to persons who work and study at the University, to persons who may be interested in applying for admission, and to parents, teachers, counselors and the general public. 

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information of this publication, the University reserves the right to makes changes at any time with respect to course offerings, degree requirements, services provided or any other subject addressed in this publication.  The information in this publication is provided solely for the convenience of the reader.