Holloway Hall

The Center for Student Achievement

The Offices of Academic and Student Affairs in conjunction with the Center for Student Achievement (CSA), collaboratively seeks to identify, develop, implement, and enhance critical academic success programs that serve to maximize Salisbury University students’ potential for scholarly achievement and success. Guided by the Council of Student Achievement and Success, the CSA will work with students who face unique barriers to success, academic achievement, and degree attainment and will implement a full range of ongoing strategies the will help all Salisbury University students reach their highest academic potential.

The mission of the Center for Student Achievement is to enhance student learning, academic success and personal growth through engagement in the Salisbury University academic community.


  • Support the academic success of all students

  • Promote academic success through strategic use of resources

  • Increase students ability to become independent learners

  • Implement practical, proven strategies for improving academic skills

  • Help students develop competencies that directly enhance their success in the classroom

  • Increase student retention

  • Improve graduation rates

CSA’s site to access is at http://www.salisbury.edu/achievement/.