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Studying at Another Institution

Do you want to take additional business coursework at another institution? If so you will need to make an appointment with the Advising Services Coordinator to review the course and receive permission to take the course at another institution. If you want to take a non- business course then complete your Permission to Study at Another Institution Form and drop it off with the course description to the Registrars Office. You do not need to meet with the Advising Services Coordinator to take non-business courses.

  • What will happen?

    Review of remaining requirements as well as course transferability.

  • When do I need to make this appointment?

    At least two weeks prior to the start of the class you would like to take at another institution.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Call 410-543-6097

  • What to bring?

    Permission to Study at Another Institution Form (found in the Registrars' Office) or at:
    A course description from the transferring institution.

Additional information:

  • Want to study at a Maryland Community College?

    Go to to find out if the course will transfer. Then follow the above directions.

  • Want to take upper level business courses at another university?

    With the approval of the department chair, up to six hours of upper-division course credit will be accepted providing the courses are completed with a C or better from another AACSB accredited institution. Follow the above directions for course review.