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Course Registration Basics

Registration for Pre-Professional Students:

Pre-professional students (freshman, sophomores, and some juniors) should follow the procedures below to register for courses for next semester:

  1. Refer to the Pre-Professional Checklist (allow a few seconds for the pdf file to load)You can always find the requirements for your Perdue Business School major and/or minor on the checklist for each field of study.  This is helpful for planning your future semesters and for preparing for the Pre-Professional Workshop and Program Planning/advising sessions.

  2. Attend a Pre-Professional Workshop. This workshop covers important information about Pre-Professional course requirements, Program Planning and transitioning into the Perdue School of Business Professional Program Attendance is required for incoming freshmen and transfer students.  You may also attend if you are a current student in need of a refresher.  Click here to register for a workshop: Pre-Professional Workshop Sign-up.

  3. Complete and electronically submit your Program Planning Form and Pre-Professional eChecklist to your advisor.  Please select your advisor based on who you are assigned in Gullnet (log in to Gullnet, go to: Student Services Center - Student Center tab - right side of page under "Advisor").  Refer to the Calendar for Program Planning session dates and other important dates.

  4. Once your advisor receives your Program Planning Form and E-Checklist, he or she will review your entries, activate your registration record, and notify you via email as to when you may register for classes,


            You may make an appointment with your advisor You must be prepared         for this meeting by having already completed and submitted your Program         Planning Form and your e-checklist.

Note that your advisor will not activate your registration record until after you submit your Program Planning Form--this is a critical step!

Student pre-registration access to Gullnet courses is based on the number of hours you have taken.  Your first possible date for pre-registration is listed on your Gullnet student record.   Registration is in "real-time" and courses fill up fast so take advantage of the following tips:

    o  Start early!  Pre-registration begins at 7:00 AM on your designated day.  Students can queue up courses in their shopping cart before to speed up the process.

    o  You don't need to have your registration record activated to sign up for winter and summer courses.  You should plan on registering for these courses as soon as they become available.

Good luck!  We are happy to assist you in achieving your course objectives for the next semester.

IMPORTANT: You cannot take Upper Division courses until you meet the     Professional Program Admission (Gate) requirements!  

Wondering if you are ready to start taking Upper Division courses?  

First, determine if you have met the Admission Requirements for the Professional Program.  The requirements can be found on page 2 of the Pre-Professional Program Checklist

Then, once you have met the requirements, complete the Gate Application

Identify courses for your program course of study by referring to the appropriate academic checklist for your major.

Note: You will need to take MGMT 320 and BUAD 300 in the first semester of your Upper Division program. You should also complete any remaining lower division courses in the first semester of your upper division program.

Don't forget your General Education requirements!  Again, your Gullnet Academic Requirements report is the best tool to determine what Gen Ed requirements have been met and what remains to be completed.  Note that the various sections of the report (IA, IB....and so on) correspond to Gen Ed requirement categories listed on your checklist which makes it easy to match the two. For a listing of General Education courses, go to Quick Links #10 on the Perdue Advising Home page.  The schedule varies by semester so check the Gullnet course schedule to verify specific courses.