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Perdue School Professional Program Application

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Please fill in the section below completely and send it by May 1 for summer/ fall admission or December 1 for winter/spring admission. The approved applications will be mailed out after the end of the term.

Last Name:
First Name:
Email Address:
Student ID:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Semester Applying: Summer Fall Winter Spring

Application rules:

  1. Students must apply during the semester in which they expect to satisfy the following requirements:

    1. complete 56 semester hours, including a minimum of 24 hours from the pre-professional core;
    2. attain a GPA of 2.5 or higher in the pre-professional core courses already completed (SU or transfer grades);
    3. include the following courses in the minimum 24 pre-professional core hours:

      ACCT 201
      ECON 211 or 212
      MATH 155
      MATH 160 or 201
  2. No "D" grades are permitted in the pre-professional core and pre-professional core courses may be repeated only once.

  3. No ACCT, BUAD, FINA, INFO, MGMT, or MKTG student will be allowed to remain in 300/400-level Perdue School courses if s/he has not submitted this application.



INFO 211 Grade:
MATH 155  Grade:
MATH 160/201 Grade:
ACCT 201 Grade:
ACCT 202 Grade:
ACCT 248 Grade:
INFO 281 Grade:
ECON 211 Grade:
ECON 212 Grade:
CMAT 100 or 260 Grade:

Are you taking a summer or winter course to meet the above requirements?

If yes type course or courses here:



  1. Students must complete the pre-professional core within the next 15 credit hours or they will be removed from the professional program automatically.
  2. Minimum of a "C" grade is required in all business classes (FINA 311 "B" grade or better for Finance majors).
  3. A student whose professional program GPA falls below 2.0 must raise it to a 2.0 within the next 12 consecutive semester hours or s/he will be removed from the professional program automatically.

Appeals for exceptions to the above policies/requirements must be made in writing to the Associate Dean of the Perdue School.

**Any student whose application is not approved will be deregistered from 300/400-level  Perdue School courses in which s/he has enrolled.**

 I understand all the requirements set forth in this application: 

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