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When students are admitted into Salisbury University as business majors, they are admitted either as Pre-Professional Business Bachelor of Science students or as Economics Bachelor of Arts students. Students that are seeking a Bachelor of Science in one of our business fields will need to apply for admission to the Professional Program in the Perdue School of Business.  To apply, students submit the Gate Application found on this page.  Typically students apply in the last semester of their sophomore year or their first semester of their junior year.

Admission requirement information can be found by clicking on the Requirements link in the Admissions (Gate) box below.

The Lower-Division Student Admission Worksheet is a valuable resource and can be used to help the student determine if he/she is ready to apply to the Professional Program.  Find this worksheet in the Admissions (Gate) box to the right.

The Gate GPA Calculator can be used to calculate grades received in Pre-Professional required courses.  To use this resource, click the Gate GPA Calculator link in the Admissions (Gate) box to the right. 

Application Deadlines:

  • December 1st for Winter/Spring admission
  • May 1st for Summer/Fall admission

Applying to the Professional Program is free and is completed and submitted online.  Click on the Application link in the Admissions (Gate) box to the right.

Acceptance emails will be sent out by January 30th for spring admissions and by June 30th for fall admissions. Students not admitted will be sent an email stating what options are available. 

All email correspondence from the Office of Student Services is sent to Salisbury University student email accounts.