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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I complete my internship for credit?
Applying for an internship for credit must meet minimum criteria including being admitted to the Perdue School of Business, being at least a second semester junior, and completing some course pre-requisites, including BUAD 300.
For information on student requirements, Click Here.

Can I complete an internship with my current employer?
You may be able to do an internship with a current employer; however, the internship cannot include normal duties already performed by the student. Internships with current employers must include new assignments and/or projects specifically related to a student's major. Internships with current employers must be approved by your department chair and by the ABLE office to be eligible for credit.

Can I intern with or for family?
No. Interning with/for family is prohibited.

Can I be paid while receiving credit for an internship?
Yes. Many companies do offer monetary compensation for an internship; however, your focus should be on securing an internship that best fits your career goals.

Can I enroll in a 490/491 internship if I have not been admitted to the Business Program?
No. Only students who have been admitted to the Professional Program may participate.

Can I take my internship during the winter semester?
No. The 490 courses are not offered during the winter semester.

Can I participate in commencement prior to completing the internship?
No. As stipulated on the Request to Participate in Commencement Prior to Completing Coursework, “Undergraduate students who wish to participate in Commencement ceremonies must be registered for all courses necessary for completion of the degree during the semester in which they plan to take part in the ceremonies. Waivers to this policy may be granted only if the student can complete the degree requirements during Winter Term for December Commencement or Summer Term for May Commencement.”
ABLE 490/491 courses are not offered during the winter term and cannot be completed during the summer I semester. Please contact the Student Services for more information.

What do I need to know when completing my internship over the summer?

  • Enroll in Summer I only (once approved).
  • A bill will be generated for the 3-credit course.
  • The first 490 class meeting will be in May before the summer session officially begins.
  • Hours worked prior to the official start of the semester do not count towards the 100-hour requirement.
  • Given the summer session is condensed, it will not last the 10 required weeks. So, your internship will span over the course of Summer II; however, you do not need to enroll in Summer II.
  • Because last 490 class meeting will be held during the fall semester, you will receive an "I" (Incomplete) at the end of Summer I. Professors have until early to mid- October to change the “I” grade to the grade you actually earned.

What happens if a deadline is missed?
Please contact the ABLE office.

What needs to be done to satisfy the ABLE requirement for a double major?
Students are responsible for satisfying the requirements for both majors. Contact the ABLE office for further assistance.

What are the procedures to follow when an employer asks me to sign/complete paperwork?
Please contact Dr. Tammy Donaway, Program Coordinator,

Are there alternatives to taking the ABLE 490/491 course?

  • Students with Finance or Information Systems majors may elect to participate in an applied learning practicum or experiential course (either FINA 449 or INFO 476) to satisfy their applied learning requirement.
  • ACCT majors complete ACCT 407 and ACCT 497 which satisfies their ABLE requirement. Some ACCT majors choose to also complete a 490 course to accumulate enough credit hours to sit for the MD CPA Exam.