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Professional Development at the Perdue School
(BUAD 300)

Professional Development is an important part of a student's learning experience at the Perdue School of Business. To help students better understand the professional expectations in a business environment, BUAD 300: Personal and Professional Development is now a co-requisite with MGMT 320. This is a 1-credit course that provides a valuable foundation for transitioning from student to professional.

Note: Business minors and Economics majors do not need to complete the BUAD 300 course.


A $25 course fee will be imposed when the student is enrolled in BUAD 300. An additional line item will be on their bill indicating a course fee.  The $25 fee covers the course materials, specifically electronic delivery of the videos.

Spring '13 Course requirements include the following:

  • Complete online orientation module
  • Complete 2 writing assignments.
  • Attend "THE Meeting" is Feb. 21, 2013. Mark your calendar!
  • Attend 2 mandatory speaking events: (1) ELS (2) WHM and 1 additional event from the pre-approved list
  • Attend 1 mandatory class session titled, "ABLE Workshop" and complete a short online quiz afterwards. NOTE: students must complete an online sexual harassment tutorial prior to attending the "ABLE workshop" class session.
  • Assigned readings in the textbook, 5 Steps to Professional Presence.

Students planning to take BUAD 300 in Fall 2013:

When enrolling in MGMT 320, students must also register for its matching BUAD 300 co-requisite in the same transaction. Attempting to enroll in an incorrect section of BUAD 300 will result in an error. Minors should not enroll in BUAD 300 as they do not need the course. Those who do will be removed by the Registrar's office.

Students who have previously completed MGMT 320 or who need to re-take BUAD 300 must register for Dr Christy Weer's section.

All students enrolled in BUAD 300 will receive more information via campus email prior to the beginning of the semester on how to get started on BUAD 300 requirements.

Career Services also offers many great professional development opportunities. Though not necessarily required for BUAD 300, these opportunities to learn can benefit students tremendously as they enter the workplace.

You must sign-up for MOST of these events by using e-Recruiting. It is easy! Sign-in and access the calendar at the top of the page and go from there!

**Students should refer to their BUAD 300 course syllabus for specific course requirements.**

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