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  • ABLE is an Applied Business Learning Experience that is required of all students graduating with a major from the Perdue School of Business.
  • ABLE is an internship designed to allow students to participate in an approved work or course experience relevant to a chosen academic major and related to career objectives.
  • ABLE internships are designed to give students on-the-job experience and includes a faculty guided class that must be taken at the same time a student is completing a work site internship.

After completing an ABLE internship, students will have:

  • Successfully navigated a job search to obtain an internship position or negotiated a new work experience within a current employer.
  • Participated in an approved work or course experience meeting the minimum requirement of 10 hours per week for at least 10 weeks (100 hours). Students with Finance or Management Information Systems majors may elect to participate in an applied learning practicum or experiential course (either FINA 449 or INFO 476) to satisfy their applied learning requirement. ACCT majors complete ACCT 407 and ACCT 497 which satisfies their ABLE requirement. Some ACCT majors choose to also complete a 490 course to accumulate enough credit hours to sit for the MD CPA Exam.
  • Worked to the satisfaction of a business professional.
  • Completed a graded 3 credit course while completing the 100 hour internship experience.

The purpose of the ABLE program is to provide work experience within a particular field of study. Students should be encouraged to:

  • Take steps toward personal and professional growth.
  • Work to the satisfaction of a business professional.
  • Discover how their talents, personality and approach to work will play an important role in their professional development.
  • Develop a sense of respect for the business community and the professionals they work with.
  • Accept responsibility for the choices made and effort put forth in the context of career exploration and development.
  • Discover first hand that a career is a reward that is earned.

Are you ready for an ABLE Internship? Not sure?