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ABLE For Employers

What is required from employers? How do I get started?

Minimum requirements for internships:

1) 10 hours per week/10 consecutive weeks; (2) a structured work/educational experience; (3) work in a professional setting with supervision and (4) approximately 80-90% of the job duties must be applicable to each student’s major.

ABLE Program Requirements:

As a company participant with the ABLE Internship Program you will be required to:

  • Complete the employer portion of the student's online internship application upon request. 
  • While we do not expect participating organizations to be fully aware of academic calendars and deadlines, we ask participating organizations be conscientious in completing the necessary electronic paperwork (online application) and evaluations as requested by their intern.
  • Provide students with projects and assignments that give them real work experience relevant to their major. The goal of an internship is to give students experiences that will help them when entering into a professional career.
  • Assist with evaluating student's professional performance by completing a mid-semester and final performance evaluation. Evaluations are online.  An email will be sent to site supervisors both at mid-term and also at the end of the semester. Please complete them promptly. The intern's grade is affected by the completion of these evaluations. 
  • ABLE students are evaluated and graded based on meeting or exceeding a series of competencies that the Perdue School as identified as important to our students' professional development. These competencies are built into intern performance evaluations. View these competencies by CLICKING HERE.

Getting Started - What do I do?

  1. Inventory what you have to offer and develop an internship job description.

    Some questions to consider are:

    • What projects can you offer an intern?
    • Can your work needs be flexible around a student class schedule?
    • Can you offer a least 100 hours of quality work experience?
    • Will the internship be paid or unpaid?
    • Who will be the internship supervisor?
    • Do you have space for the intern to work?
    • Will they need a phone?
    • Will they need web access?
  2. Complete the Request an Intern form and have the internship opportunity posted in the eRecruiting on-line database. Note: this is to recruit student interns! This form is not needed if you already have a student intern in mind.
  3. Review applications and conduct interviews with interested students meeting your internship requirements.

  4. Select a student intern.

    Once you have made your final selection, notify students immediately of the internship offer or that the internship has been filled. It is important to contact students promptly so they can meet registration deadlines or find an alternative internship if they are not selected.

  5. Complete the employer section of the student's internship application.

    Initiating the online application is the responsibility of the student intern. However, a student can not register for the three credit internship course (ABLE) until his/her application is completed. As you complete the employer portion, you should negotiate and confirm internship start dates, finish dates, and hours to be worked each week. The minimum requirement is 10 hours per week for 10 consecutive weeks. You may also need to help students with developing internship goals and objectives.

  6. During the course of the internship, complete student performance evaluations.

    As part of the learning experience for students, employers are asked to complete two performance evaluations during the course of an internship. The first evaluation should occur mid-semester. Employers are asked to share this evaluation with students to help them identify their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. Sharing this information with student mid-semester gives them the opportunity to self-correct any needed behaviors prior to the completion of the internship. Employers are also asked to complete a final evaluation at the end of the internship. This evaluation is included with other course assignments in the students final grade for the three credit class. An email will be sent from the ABLE office with the link needed to complete the student's evaluation.  Each should be completed promptly in addition to sharing feedback with student interns.

NOTE: Employers who are sole proprietors or work from a home-based office are strongly advised against conducting intern-employer meetings in the home-based office. The ABLE program recommends employers schedule meetings with prospective and current interns in public venues. Office space is available in Perdue Hall upon request and with advance notice.