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What should I expect when hosting an intern?

  • Students apply to the ABLE program and are cleared academically to participate in an internship. During the work site internship experience, students must also complete a three credit hour internship class.
  • Students entering internships do not always have professional work experience. You need to be willing to mentor students in professionalism, communication, and teamwork skills. Students may be unsure and will count on you to help them learn.
  • Students choose their internship from a database (eRecruiting) of posted opportunities or students can create an internship experience using their own personal network. Internships registered with the ABLE Internship Program through the Perdue School of Business are posted on eRecruiting for students to view and to apply. Many of the students will choose to apply by email using eRecruiting.
  • The selection of a student intern by a company will be very similar to the selection of an employee. Companies are encouraged to interview students and make an offer of an internship opportunity to the student of their choice.
  • The ABLE program does not place students in internships. Students and organizations are encouraged to work together to develop an internship that best meets the needs of all involved. Students must find internships that are relevant to their individual majors.
  • The student will give you an Internship Job Description form and an ABLE Internship Credit Agreement form for you to complete prior to the start of an internship. You will need to work with your student intern to complete internship job description information as well as help students develop measurable goals for the internship.
  • If you have questions or concerns about an intern at any time during an internship experience, please contact the ABLE Director immediately. Often, concerns or problems can be resolved quickly through ABLE staff and faculty intervention and coaching.