Perdue Student Services

Course Registration Basics

Registration for Pre-Professional Program Students  

Program planning happens fall and spring semester.  This is when you communicate with your advisor about what courses you should register for the following semester.  Watch for emails from your advisor and check the Academic Calendar for Program Planning dates.

Follow the CAPS system - It's as easy as C-A-P-S
  1. Check the Pre-Professional Checklist - It shows you the prerequisites for the Professional Program and general education requirements.  Print it out for meeting with your advisor.

  2. Acquire your Academic Requirements Report - Log onto Gullnet to view it. (Home-Self Service-Student Center-Academic Requirements Report from drop-down menu) Print it out for meeting with your advisor.

  3. Plan for next semester by submitting both your Pre-Professional eChecklist and Program Planning Form - Complete, choosing your advisor as listed in Gullnet, and electronically submit the forms.  Print them out for meeting with your advisor.

  4. Sign-up for an advising appointment with your faculty advisor prior to Program Planning.How to find who your advisor is: Faculty Advisor How to make an appointment with your advisor: Faculty appointment sign-up information.

DON'T FORGET:  Bring copies of your major checklist, academic requirements report, eChecklist and Program Planning Form (a copy is emailed to you as a PDF) and a pen with you to your advising appointment. 

Note that your advisor will not activate your registration record until after you submit your Program Planning Form--this is a critical step! 

Once your advisor approves your course selections and activates your account, you can begin registering for courses on your assigned day as posted on your Gullnet account. Need a refresher on how to register for courses using GullNet? Click here for directions.