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Student Spotlight: Joshua Perdue

Joshua Perdue

My name is Joshua Perdue and I recently did a student exchange in spring 2016 in Hong Kong. While I was in Hong Kong, I took upper-level finance classes like International Finance, Derivative Securities and Financial Institutions, just to name a few. This was the most amazing experience ever.

Before I landed in Hong Kong, I imagined a big chaotic city where no one spoke English. When I landed, I was surprised to learn that Hong Kong was actually a small island made up of 200 other islands, giving the city a very tropical feeling with many beaches and mountains and almost everyone spoke English. I attended Hong Kong Polytechnic University and was one of 500 international students studying at the school for the semester. For the most part, all 500 of us knew each other and everyone got along great. The typical day to day life for us international students involved going to beaches, hiking and exploring the city.

I had the opportunity to backpack Southeast Asia for two months and travel to five different countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai). During the semester, there were groups of international students traveling together to different countries. At times, I would be with 15 friends from all over the world sitting at a beach in Bali Indonesia, getting ready to jump on a boat to go snorkeling. I also rented a motor bike in Thailand and rode it over 100 miles with one of my friends from Sweden, stopping at hot springs, waterfalls, elephant sanctuary’s and much more.

What I learned: The world is so big and so many people are trapped in their own little box. I recommend 100 percent that you get out of your little box and go experience the world because there’s so much to see. I met some of my best friends, got rare internship opportunities, met senior vice presidents of major corporations, saw the world … and PASSED all my classes!

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