Student Spotlight: Chris Himberger

Chris Himberger
Chris Himberger

Hello, my name is Chris Himberger and I am a final year student at Salisbury University. I will be graduating in May 2016 with 150 credits (in four years) with degrees in accounting and finance and concentrations in both investments and corporate finance. I am from Bethpage, NY, and have been asked to work full time, upon graduation, with PricewaterhouseCoopers (investment management) in Manhattan.

In Salisbury, I work for Bloomberg LP as a campus ambassador, engage in student tutoring and serve as president of Beta Gamma Sigma where I participated in the Global Leadership Summit in the beginning of November. I am also a member in Sigma Pi fraternity (chair of scholarship), Beta Alpha Psi, Financial Management Association and the Institute of Management Accountants. I am an active entrepreneur and have previously placed as a finalist in the Bernstein Entrepreneurship Competition (spring 2014).

I chose to attend Salisbury University because it was a very cost-effective option given the education that the institution offers to its students. Perdue Hall was virtually brand new and, along with the school’s AACSB accreditation, presented a fantastic opportunity to study with effective resources and recognition. Additionally, being from New York, I was ready to meet new people and make lasting friendships in a state other than my own. Salisbury University is uniquely located in close proximity to Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Ocean City, and it possesses a dynamic mix of rural and urban culture.

My father owned many successful businesses and my mother has over 30 years of experience in banking. Growing up, I loved to learn and always practiced math. When I would talk with my family about possible professions, it was always clear that I had a natural affinity toward business processes. I was always passionate about how the financial markets worked in relation to everything that was going on around me, both domestically and internationally. Finance seemed like the natural fit and because accounting is the language of business it provided a strong supplement.

I had the opportunity to study at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for a semester in spring 2015. I was extremely excited to partake in this exchange. In high school, I had traveled to France and Spain, but for a much shorter period of time. In examination of potential places to study abroad, I decided to study in Asia because I felt like another opportunity like this would be much harder to do again in relation to other places. Hong Kong became the perfect place for me, representing an epicenter of South Eastern meets British culture.

At Polytechnic, I took six courses as an honors student. These classes were Derivative Securities, International Finance, Management of Financial Institutions, Operations Management, Accounting Information Systems and Corporate Social Responsibility. My favorite class was Derivative Securities and every credit taken abroad was counted as Salisbury University coursework.

Outside of the classroom, I focused on forging relationships with locals and other exchange students. I now can honestly say that I have friends in over 30 different countries. During Chinese Lunar New Year (spring break), I traveled to the Philippines, and at the end of the exchange I lived in Seoul, Korea, for a month.

In addition to providing me with contacts from some of the most gifted people from around the world, it was the change in perspective that will aid me most in my career goals. People in Asia often think much differently than people in the U.S. This experience allows me to analyze new challenges from multiple different perspectives before arriving at a sound conclusion. It also has opened my eyes to be more culturally aware. In this aspect, I feel I will be more prepared to address certain situations in an ever-evolving diverse workplace.

None of this would have been possible without the generous help of John Pohanka, chairman of Pohanka Automotive Group and the John J. Pohanka Family Foundation, and Sandy Fitzgerald-Angello, vice president and dealer operator of Pohanka of Salisbury, Inc., through the Pohanka of Salisbury International Business Scholarship. This scholarship helped provide the financial assistance needed to reap the greatest rewards from this amazing experience and for that I am truly grateful.