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Catchin’ Up With … Craig Moore

Craig Moore
Craig Moore

I am one of six partners with Risk & Regulatory Consulting (RRC), LLC, a consulting firm with offices across the country serving the needs of state and federal insurance regulators. My primary responsibilities include practice development, recruiting, client service and supervising statutory compliance examinations of insurance companies. Insurance companies in the United States are primarily regulated by the state in which they are domiciled, or incorporated, and secondarily by states in which they write insurance policies. In addition to annual audits by an independent CPA, the state insurance departments perform examinations every three-to-five years based on a solvency based Statutory Accounting Principles. RRC performs these examinations on behalf of approximately 36 state insurance departments. On the federal side, we are involved in various compliance aspects of the Medical Loss Ratio of health insurers, an important component of the recently enacted health care reform legislation (the Patient and Protection and Affordable Care Act).

One of the most exciting aspects of my career is the opportunity to travel to new and interesting cities across the country. Because of the location of the insurance companies that our clients regulate, I have had the opportunity to travel to New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and San Diego, among numerous other areas of the country over the past few years. Honestly, I never get tired of it, or the frequent flier miles and hotel points.

I love the outdoors, including fishing, hiking and boating. Although I live in Towson, MD, I still get back to the Eastern Shore as often as possible. Some of my favorite activities include taking my kids to some land that we own in Somerset County to ride ATVs or visiting Tilgmans Island for some world-class fishing.

My wife of 16 years, Kelly Beall, is also a graduate of Salisbury State University (for those of you out there who still remember this part of SU’s history). I met her through one of my good friends at Salisbury, who happens to be her brother. We have two incredible sons, one 14 and one 5, and yes, I had to extend my anticipated previous timeline for retirement when the youngest was born. The oldest son is heavily involved in theater at his school as well various children’s theater groups across the Baltimore region. The youngest is extremely active, like any 5 year old, but he has recently begun to show signs of following in his big brother’s theatrical footsteps. With any luck, one or both of them will make it big in the entertainment industry and supplement those retirement plans that continue to evolve for me and my wife.

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