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Student Spotlight: Luke Smith

Luke Smith
Luke Smith

I am a 21-year-old Salisbury native in the Perdue School of Business majoring in finance on the investments track, pursuing a career in financial advising and planning. Growing up locally and having the opportunity to witness Salisbury University’s development has been integral to my journey as a student and as a leader on campus. I am a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, a business excellence honors organization; Omicron Delta Kappa, a leadership honors society; and Phi Beta Lambda, a business leader organization. I am also the current president of the Financial Management Association. I have worked part time and some full time throughout my years at Salisbury at various restaurants as a server, developing communication skills and task management.

My freshman year, I went away to college with the commonplace mindset of any high school senior: “I need to get away.” However, returning my sophomore year to attend Salisbury University, I truly began to realize how fortunate I was to have an institution like Salisbury in my backyard. My decision to pursue business upon returning to Salisbury is one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my journey. The Perdue School has grown me significantly as a professional and given me the tools I need to succeed in the future. Their focus on getting individuals ready for careers by developing inexperienced students into professionals who garner respect has been an indispensable experience.

My experience in the Financial Management Association has been a crucial component of my achievement at Salisbury. Visiting New York City with the organization was a trip I will not soon forget, from the relationships built with peers to the networking opportunities we were gifted with. FMA allowed me to experience being a leader of peers and how to handle tasks and deadlines in an effective and efficient manner. FMA also has given me the opportunity to contribute to various volunteer efforts around Salisbury, such as Recycle Madness, I Love Salisbury, Can Drive, Sea Gull Century and others.

The Perdue School as a whole has been a great resource for allowing me to achieve as high as I am willing. While there are many professors that have been integral to my success, Dr. Manav Ratti and Dr. Ani Mathers have been two people who I credit with developing me the most and supporting me over my years at Salisbury. Dr. Ratti, thank you for teaching me about the rewards of hard work, how to write in a way that people are enticed to listen, and how to always pursue truth and justice, despite the circumstances. Dr. Mathers thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement in academics, leadership and my future career.

I could not be more grateful for Salisbury University, the Perdue School of Business, my mentors and, most importantly, my parents Steven and Constance Smith for everything they have done that has developed me thus far and continues to develop me now.

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