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Student Spotlight: Mark Cimiluca

Mark CimilucaIn 2003, my family moved to Maryland. My father was in the Navy, and I had become accustomed to moving every two-three years. However, Maryland felt different. From the beginning, Maryland felt like home. My brother attended Salisbury University, and I am ecstatic that I made my way to Salisbury. I enjoy learning and challenging myself. Salisbury has given me many opportunities to do these things. I have been able to double major, study abroad, work with the Athletics Department, write for the newspaper and become a club officer. The people that I have met and the skills that I have learned at Salisbury University will have a lifelong impact.

I chose Salisbury University largely based off of my familiarity with the campus. Salisbury combines the benefits of a small school with resources akin to a larger university. My majors are business economics and accounting. These choices were based off of interest and the desire to learn as much as possible. I have enjoyed studying varying topics including China’s economy, sports economics and federal taxation. This semester, I am engaging in a directed study course in economics. I am working on a research project with Dr. Brian Hill, chair of the Economics and Finance Department. I hope to be able to present significant findings in spring’s research conference.

Last winter, I attended Europe for the first time in my life. This idea was unimaginable to me before I attended Salisbury. I traveled with a group of about 15 to Vichy, France. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I was able to tour castles, local businesses and historical landmarks, and I immersed myself into a new culture for the duration of the trip. My horizons were broadened. I met students from Pakistan, Mexico and Russia. I got a taste of social and academic life in Europe. I attended my first ever rugby match. I hope to be lucky enough to go back one day, but regardless I am happy to have had this experience as part of my education.

I have always been a fan of sports, and this encouraged me to apply to become a member of Salisbury’s Athletics event staff. The game-day atmosphere is invigorating. Working with the Athletics Department, I have gotten to meet a lot of great people. I have been challenged to be both assertive and professional. I also have gotten the chance to work on career development skills. For example, writing cover letters and receiving resume tips. These skills will certainly continue to help me throughout life.

Another positive experience that I have had at Salisbury is writing for The Flyer. The requirements are applicable to business majors. Articles must be of a certain quality and must meet a deadline. Also, spoken and written communication are critical skills to success in any profession. My favorite task with The Flyer was getting to interview the deans of the Perdue, Fulton, Henson and Seidel schools. I was thrown into a situation that required communication in a professional manner to achieve the end goal of a published article. This was a phenomenal experience and one that I will remember for years to come.

My desire to keep growing and improving led me to run for student president of Beta Gamma Sigma this past spring. I am now serving in that role. My goals are to increase the involvement of all Beta Gamma Sigma members. In November, I will be representing Salisbury University at Beta Gamma Sigma’s Global Leadership Conference (GLS) in Texas. This will be another exciting experience and a chance to meet people from all the country and world. Much like studying abroad, there will be ample opportunities to learn through experience. The event culminates in a case study presentation, and this will require working with people that I met only a few days prior. It is an exciting challenge.

In all, my experience at Salisbury University and the Perdue School have been very positive. Salisbury is unique. My main advice to other students is do not be afraid to pursue what you interested in. That is, do not view a goal as unattainable. Opportunities such as studying abroad and becoming the president of a club seemed unattainable to me in high school. However, Salisbury University empowered me to engage in these activities. I encourage all students to fully pursue their interests and seize the opportunities available at Salisbury. If it is something that you truly want, go for it.

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