Employer Spotlight: Staples & Associates

Staples & Associates is a full-service property and casualty agency as well as a financial service provider located in Salisbury. They serve clients throughout Delmarva as well as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee and Texas. 

They work with clients individually, designing a program tailored to their individual or business protection and needs. Their clients have worked hard to accumulate their assets, which is why Staples & Associates is there to protect them. They do everything they can to make sure the client is completely satisfied with the services provided to them. 

Each agent has outstanding skills in areas such as customer service, sales and leadership. They work together as a team to accomplish their goal: to make the clients happy and properly protected.

Staples & Associates  Employees
Staples & Associates Employees

Salisbury University has played a large part in Staples & Associates success. With its proximity to the college, they have had the great fortune to work with the students and faculty, while establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Over the last six years, they have had 10 interns from an array of majors as well as Perdue students. Their talents and skills have allowed the agency to grow and also work with millennials. Staples & Associates is proud to have Salisbury University alumni working in the office as well. It is their hope for every person who works at the office to grow as a person and become part of a team that works for the benefit of their clientele.