Catchin’ Up with … Marlena Buckalew Grosholz

Marlena Buckalew Grosholz
Marlena Buckalew Grosholz

Although it was over 15 years ago, I still remember meeting with my high school guidance counselor to determine which college was the best fit for me. Being from the Philadelphia area, all of my friends were applying to large local schools like Penn State or University of Delaware. When she mentioned a smaller school in Maryland, about three hours away and by the beach, I knew I had to visit. While touring the university with my parents, I had one of those "ah-ha moments." It just felt right. I could picture myself learning in these classrooms, eating at the Gull’s Nest and watching people play beach volleyball next to Choptank. That’s when I applied for early decision, and in that moment, there was nowhere else that I wanted to go.

I was eager to begin college and immediately declared to be a business major. The Perdue School was so impressive and I knew it could take me on many different paths. Because after all, at 17 years old, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I "grew up." After a year of taking business classes, I realized my passion was more people focused versus numbers driven. I met with my advisor and changed my major to communications while minoring in marketing and psychology.

Upon graduation, I remember being envious of friends who knew exactly what they wanted to do. They had a path and from a very young age knew that they wanted to be a nurse or teacher or psychologist. After moving to Baltimore upon graduation, I stumbled across a company with a really unique name – Bozzuto. While meeting with a Bozzuto recruiter, he mentioned that the organization was a real estate firm that was comprised of multiple divisions. Not only did they have tremendous growth opportunities, but their core values, which act as pillars of the organization, really spoke to me: Concern, Creativity, Passion and Perfection. Just like I had felt when applying for Salisbury back in 1999, I knew Bozzuto was going to be home for me.

Now it is 11 years later and I have been in over six roles within the organization. In my current position, as campus recruitment manager, I meet with hundreds of college students a year by conducting classroom presentations, hosting information sessions and attending career fairs. I have the pleasure of introducing them to an organization – and a career – that they may have not otherwise considered. Spending almost a third of my life at Bozzuto, I have met such a diverse group of people, including my husband, Brian, in the elevator at our corporate office!

One of the most gratifying moments in my career was this past June when I was asked to speak to the parents of incoming SU freshmen. I was able to reassure them that Salisbury’s faculty and Career Services will prepare their son or daughter for the "real world" along with providing insight into what recruiters are looking for in recent graduates. Salisbury is a place of great memories for me and is now a destination I travel to in hopes of finding that student who doesn’t quite know what they want to be when he or she "grows up."