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Exploring Marketing Firms in the D.C. area

Marketing students got a rare opportunity to visit three corporations and explore direct response marketing: two were traditional direct marketing firms, one specializing in social media. On Friday, October 19, 2012, Professor Paula Morris and 11 students left Salisbury University at 6:15 a.m. and made three interesting stops before returning by 10 p.m.

At the first stop, PMG, the COO, Chip Heartfield, greeted the participants. Their presentation involved some six top-level employees form different functional areas within the organization. Scheduled for 90 minutes, it lasted about two and a half hours. Students learned about all four of the businesses housed at PMG and gained a good understanding of the intricacies of direct response marketing.

The next stop was Production Solutions, a similar company that approaches direct response marketing from a slightly different angle. An employee shared their approach and reviewed some of what we learned at PMG. Production Solutions asked the students to do some research for them. At the end of the visit, another employee shared her career path from college graduation to Production Solutions and her progress within the company.

The final stop was iostudios, a satellite office of a Nashville-based advertising agency. Five of the six people who work at iostudios greeted the group and spent their Friday afternoon “hanging out.” They shared their award-winning entry that brought them first place in the DC Ad Week competition this year.

(From left) Paula Morris, Sam Greenburg, Ginny Pulos and Dani Hart
Students (back row from left)
Eric Sichau, Carolyn Zimmerman, Leigh Ann Doyle, Morgan Hoey, Ashley Housel, Taylor Whitehair, Kim George, Ryan Baroody
Students (front row from left)
Andrew Cantor, Erica Martin and Tracy Stanley.

SU students got a firsthand look at different corporate cultures. They got a look at three very different organizations that participate in the marketing environment in very different ways. The impact of this type of experience reaches farther than the day spent in D.C. These students have a better understanding of operations and productions management, project management, advertising, measuring advertising results, social media, direct response marketing, and … how the U.S. Postal Service works. They appreciate “snail mail” in a very new way. Because of this trip, these students also understand the differences in corporate cultures and know what kind of firm they want to join when they graduate!

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