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Student Spotlight: Reilly Webb

Reilly Webb
Reilly Webb

 “The key to success is to 1) have goals, 2) find a successful mentor, 3) do what they do toward completing the goals you’ve set.” – My Dad

My name is Reilly Webb and I am a senior with a dual major in accounting and information systems and a minor finance. I am 22 years old and hail from Flemington, NJ. Upon graduation with 150 credits, I am assuming a full-time position working for KPMG in their Philadelphia office. Here, I share my time at Salisbury and how I spent my days getting involved on campus and in the Perdue School of Business. It truly is through the time I spent with various campus organizations at Salisbury that my college experience was enriched.

As a senior in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future, where I wanted to go to school, what I wanted to major in and even if I wanted to attend a four-year university right away. I ended up applying to Salisbury on a recommendation from a friend. I attended Admitted Students Day, sat in on Dr. Kenneth Smith’s sales pitch for the Accounting Program, spoke with (at the time) Dean Bob Wood about my options and the rest is history. From that point on, I knew I had a home at Salisbury and knew accounting was the path for me.

Upon entering Salisbury, I was blessed to have a group of unofficial upperclassmen mentors and role models to whom I looked up. These individuals were the top students academically, involved socially and impressively professional. I wanted to be them. I wanted to do what they did and have the success that they had. I knew what I wanted from my college career. By watching them and learning from them, I had my goals and found my role models. Now, I simply had to do what they did. Thanks to the course laid out before me by my deemed mentors, I have had some amazing experiences and successes of my own.

This year, I have the privilege of being president of the Iota Pi chapter of Beta Alpha Psi here at Salisbury. I think it is safe to say that Beta Alpha Psi has had the largest influence on the opportunities I have known. Beta Alpha Psi is a national honorary organization for accounting and financial information students and professionals with an objective to encourage and recognize scholastic and professional excellence in accounting and related fields. I was drawn to Beta Alpha Psi solely because I desired to be like the upperclassmen. Now as president, it is my goal to help give back to Beta Alpha Psi and the Perdue School the countless experiences I have received over the years and, hopefully, bring a positive influence to the experience of underclassmen who come after me.

Through my tenure at Salisbury and with the Perdue School, I have learned to seize hold of opportunities both to grow and to give back. I lived in the Business Living Learning Community (LLC) freshman year. In the Business LLC, we met with professionals from around Maryland, went on trips to local businesses and took classes with likeminded students. I also have enjoyed promoting Salisbury as a University Host with the Admissions Office. One of the most rewarding positions I have held is that of Resident Assistant (RA) for Salisbury’s Housing Office. Being able to assist residents as they settled into campus life during my sophomore and junior years provided me with opportunity to broaden my own perspective and to influence others.

It’s hard for me to believe that I will be graduating this May; the four best years of my life have flashed past me. The overwhelming number of experiences I have had at Salisbury have confirmed that I attended the university I was meant to attend, and I am humbled by Perdue’s acknowledgement of my efforts over the years, most recently with the Calafiura Scholarship. I owe so much to SU, to my early conversations with Dr. Wood and Dr. Smith, to those upperclassmen who mentored me without knowledge of doing so, and to Perdue for opening doors for me along the way. In reflection, I can only hope to do SU proud as I move forward and pray that I might have been a positive influence on those who come behind me.

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