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STRT1UP Road Show on Campus

By Adebola A. Daramola, Second-Year M.B.A. Student

STRT1UP Road Show on Campus

The Pitch Bus Tour, a Startup Maryland initiative, has become a regular feature in the University’s entrepreneurial scene and calendar. For the fourth time, the bus, now called by a new name – STRT1UP Road Show, came to campus on Tuesday, September 13.

The STRT1UP bus was named after the documentary produced by SU alumni Bryan Goldberg and Mike Venezia, who are crew members of the tour bus.

It had a rousing welcome, with students and members of the community on campus to receive the colorful bus between Henson Science and Perdue halls. It was parked in front of the Sammy the Sea Gull statue.

Arriving with the bus, in addition to the STRT1UP crew led by Mike Binko, were Professor Bill Burke (Salisbury University’s entrepreneurship director), Dr. Christy Weer (Perdue School dean), Dr. Stephen Adams (entrepreneurship faculty, Perdue School), Dr. Memo Diriker (BEACON director), Laura Kordzikowski (Salisbury City Council), Lee Kirwan (RBI, TEDCO) and many others.

STRT1UP Road Show on Campus

The highlight of the event was the welcome and introduction of everyone.

Binko began the welcome, extolling the University for its overwhelming interest in the bus tour, and the increasing communal and students’ participation year after year. He mentioned the motive behind the initiative was premised on 4 Cs: Celebration, Capital, Coaching and Connections. In his remarks, he indicated plans for an angel investing workshop for Salisbury to strengthen the community’s skill in participating in early stage investing.

Burke shared appreciation to all members of the community who are committed toward the growth of entrepreneurship in Salisbury University. He emphasized the success of the Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community in generating interest among freshmen. Fifteen freshmen pitched their business ideas on the bus tour, barely three weeks of arriving on campus.

The freshmen’s ideas ranged from a gym, a campus cookie delivery service to an online magazine.

One of the freshmen, Jenna Morton, shared: “I pitched LIV Magazine, which is a personalized lifestyle magazine for teens and young adults who want to learn more about their personal interests. By visiting the online website, the customer would have the ability to choose what topics and articles they want to receive in each issue. What makes this magazine distinct from others is that the reader gets to choose the content they will receive in each issue from a vast list of topics rather than having the topics chosen for them. The magazine also would be online in order for the customer to have their magazine at hand at all times!”

The pitches made by our students can be viewed starting October 7 on the Startup Maryland YouTube site. We encourage members of the University community to vote for our own as fan’s favorite.

Questions about the event can be directed to Burke at 410-677-5386 or

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