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The article “The impact of protean career orientation on work-life balance” by Marco DiRenzo (Naval Post-graduate School), Jeff Greenhaus (Drexel University) and Christy Weer were nominated for the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research. The article was published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Kivipold, K. & Hoffman, R.C. Organizational learning in context of part time employment: A case study of an Estonian media company. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 24(4): 650-672. This study was partially funded by a Fulbright Grant.

Frank Shipper presented at the Academy of Management Meeting recently.

Jill Caviglia-Harris and Daniel Harris were awarded funding in June to organize and participate in an interdisciplinary workshop hosted by the National Center for Socio-Environmental Synthesis (SESYNC) in Annapolis.

Leonard Arvi along with Kashi Khazeh and Gene Hahn’s paper, “Emerging markets and value-at-risk: reflection for multinational enterprises,” was published in Global Economy and Finance Journal, Vol 9., No. 1, March 2016, pp. 56-66

Jonathan Munemo’s paper “Foreign Direct Investment and Business Start-up in Developing Countries: The Role of Financial Market Development” is forthcoming in The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. Available online at: 

Jonathan Munemo and Eugene Nyantakyi’s paper “Technology Gap, Imported Capital Goods and Productivity of Manufacturing Plants in Sub-Saharan Africa” is forthcoming in The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development. Available online at: 

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