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Catchin’ Up with...Teri Overington

Teri Overington
Teri Overington

When I was in high school, I always thought I would be a teacher. My grandmother, mom and aunt were all teachers, so it seemed to be the family trade. I needed to fill a hole in my schedule my junior year, so I took an introduction to accounting class because I thought it would teach me useful skills like balancing my checkbook and budgeting. I instantly fell in love with accounting and knew that I had to give it a chance as a major when I went away to college. I wanted to find a school that would give me a great accounting education but also had a strong education program just in case I found that accounting wasn’t for me. Salisbury University was the perfect place for me because it had strong programs in both areas. It also happens to be where my grandmother, mom and aunt went to college, so I was still following in the family footsteps.

I graduated in May 2006 with bachelor degrees in accounting and finance. In 2005, I began an internship with an accounting firm in Easton, MD, called CBIZ MHM, LLC. They were kind enough to take me under their wings and give me an opportunity to take what I learned in the classroom into the real world. I started in February, so I was instantly thrown into the tax season hubbub, and I knew that this was the right profession for me. The work was hard, the hours were long, but I really enjoyed what I was doing. I was lucky enough to be asked to continue my internship through the rest of my college career. Upon graduation, I accepted a job offer as an associate, and 11 ½ years later, I am still with CBIZ.

In 2008, I began the process of studying for taking the CPA exam. I’m thankful that I had two fellow coworkers who decided to go through the process with me at the same time; everyone needs a cheerleader during those tests. I passed in November 2008 and thought I was done the higher education portion of my life. In this field, you never stop learning though. In fall 2011, I began a Master’s in Taxation Program at the University of Baltimore. Going back to school and working full time meant I had to take only one or two classes each semester, but in fall 2015 I completed my degree. With two bachelor’s degrees, a CPA license and now a master’s degree I hope to take a break from school for a while.

I am currently a manager working in both the tax and attest departments. I get to work with a very diverse set of clients ranging from individual tax returns to audits of government entities. I enjoy never really knowing what will come across my desk next. This job definitely keeps me on my toes. I also run the Senior Professional Development Group in our office, which teaches our associates critical skills such as networking and client service. It is a great feeling to know that you are helping to bring along the next generation of accountants.

Outside of work I spend a great deal of time volunteering. I joined the Talbot County Young Professional’s Group when I first began working for CBIZ MHM, LLC. Eventually I worked my way up to being the chairperson of the group where I served for over two years. Through the Young Professional’s Group, I became active with Toys for Tots, Adopt a Highway, Habitat for Humanity, CarePacks, Waterfowl Festival and Talbot Interfaith Shelter. Our group also holds a pumpkin carving event each year for elementary school children. Toys for Tots became my passion though. I chaired that committee for many years, and even though I have passed the baton to the next generation, I still plan to help in any way I can. I sit on the Career Advisory Board at Salisbury University, and I love to watch the school grow and change. I recently joined the Talbot County board of Junior Achievement, which is a program I have volunteered for in the past. I am a member of the Tidewater Rotary in Easton, MD, as well.

My time at Salisbury University helped to shape my life. I can’t imagine finding a better place to help build my career. I gained a direction in life, a sense of purpose and walked away with some great friends and memories.
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