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Meet Our New Student Business Leaders

2016 Student Business LeadersWe are happy to welcome 12 Student Business Leaders for the 2016-17 academic year. This year, we have five returning SBLs for a second year. The remaining seven SBLs are new to the position. They vary in majors and we are lucky to have them here working with our faculty, staff, students and community members.

The returning SBLs are: Frances Sherlock, a conflict analysis and dispute resolution and management major; Abbey Shobe, an accounting and information systems major; Parris Stanford, an information systems major; Jacob Stevens, an information systems major; and Aaron Wall, a finance major.

The new SBLs are: Nelli Balkarova, an international business and marketing major; Austin Dabbs, an economics major; David Gicheru, an economics major; S. Hope Knussman, an accounting and finance major; Savana McClure, an accounting major; Nick Patterson, a marketing major; and Darrin Reedy, an information systems and management major.

Some of the events they work on include Freshman Open House, THE Meeting, Community Leadership Panel, Meet the Firms, University Open House, National Business Women’s Week and Business in the Atrium.

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