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Thanks to INFO 111, Is Available to Everyone in the Perdue School of Business!

Based on feedback from students, a change has been made to INFO 111, which almost every Perdue School student takes. And that change is to use “courses” (series of training videos) to learn about productivity tools. Luckily, the license also extends to every Perdue School student, faculty and staff member.

So now you are asking yourself – what is provides a vast online library of instructional videos (over 2,500 videos) covering the latest software, creative and business skills. Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry experts, is a high-quality resource for students, faculty and staff looking to develop skills in Microsoft Office, project management, leadership, presentations and communication, and a wide range of other topics relevant for business students. In addition, has “fun” topics as well such as photography, drawing by hand and with a computer, and 3D and animation creation. Exercise files that accompany the videos let you follow along with the instruction as you learn. Bookmarks help you keep track of what you’d like to watch. And you can create playlists of courses/videos your professors are using and courses/videos you are interested in.

Now you are probably asking yourself – how do I get access to Everyone associated with the Perdue School and/or registered in INFO 111 can access via a University portal using your campus login – the easiest way to get to it is to go to the information and decision sciences website at You’ll also find a link there for "How to use" videos so you’ll know how to get started. There are videos for the beginner and more advanced user – so you can start simple but return as you become more familiar with the site.

In addition to accessing library 24/7 via your computer or laptop, you can even access it from your iPhone, iPad, Android device or mobile phone and watch entire courses or single tutorial videos as you need them.

You may see used in other courses in the Perdue School given the variety of applicable topics. And of course you can use as a 24/7 tutorial even if a class does not require it.

Students majoring in one of the Perdue School majors (undergraduate and M.B.A.) will have access to as long as they are a student in the Perdue School (and the Perdue School maintains its license, which it anticipates doing for a long time). All faculty and staff also have access as long as they are associated with the Perdue School. So dive in and find out what you can learn via

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