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Professional Development Week

Professional Development Week
Professional Development Week
Professional Development Week
Professional Development Week

The Perdue School Student Business Leaders collaborated with Dr. Tammy Donaway, the undergraduate programs coordinator of Student Services, to celebrate Professional Development Week, held April 14-18. Students had the opportunity to learn about four important factors of professionalism, including written and communication skills, social media, professional dress and workplace etiquette.

Every afternoon, the Student Business Leaders handed out information and provided surveys to enhance students’ knowledge on the four factors. Students who participated with the Student Business Leaders received a stamp in their Passport to Professionalism. Faculty were provided tickets to professionalism to give to any students that they felt exhibited professional behavior, which included sending a professional email or dressing in a professional manner.

On Thursday, students who had a stamp in their passport or tickets to professionalism were given the opportunity to spin the Wheel of Professionalism for prizes. "The prizes were a great way to get the students to take interest in Professional Development week," said Alyssa Martin, junior. "The Student Business Leaders found a way to make the week appeal to college students."

Along with the information given in the Atrium throughout the week, Student Services hosted a contest for students to submit a 100-word paragraph on what professionalism means to them. The winners of the contest received a poster of themselves which is on display in the Student Services office in their best professional attire, along with a $50 gift card for the first-prize winner.

"Professional Development Week reached out to the students on a different level this year than any other mostly due to each day having a different theme. Professional development is such a broad topic covering from what one wears to how they act in person," said Gloria Majchrzak, Student Business Leader. "Each day highlighted an important topic that students need to recognize and strengthen to its fullest potential. My favorite part of the week was understanding email etiquette. I have never written a memo before and enjoyed learning how to draft one correctly."

The Student Business Leaders decided to hold these information tables to supplement the learning that students receive in the classroom. The handouts provided information on what is and is not appropriate to wear for business professional and business casual, the correct way to format a memo and email signature, and how to keep social media accounts appropriate. These tips were intended to enhance each student’s personal knowledge on how to maintain a professional image at this pivotal point of beginning to enter the workplace. "It was a week of gaining knowledge and training about professionalism, preparing Perdue students to be future business leaders," said Stefan Antony, Student Business Leader.


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