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Student Spotlight: Gloria Majchzak

Gloria Majchrzak
Gloria Majchrzak

I knew that coming into college four years ago, I had two goals I wanted to complete before graduation. Those two goals were: to be offered a job so I can start my career immediately and to study abroad.

When looking for countries to study abroad, I wanted a place out of the ordinary so I could experience a culture completely different from one I was used to. I wanted to see what else was in the world and broaden my horizons. I chose to go to South Africa in January 2013 for a winter session and absolutely had the time of my life. It amazed me that some people who were born and raised there had the dream to come to the United States one day to either vacation or to move to the United States. Just as much as I was fascinated by South African history, they were equally as amazed to learn about life in the United States. To my surprise, seventy-five percent of their workforce has never been on a computer because of their literacy level – many perform manual labor. Studying abroad has taught me to appreciate the world around me and to be proud of where I come from. I am blessed to have a college education and thrilled to even have the possibility to continue my education because it is not as easy in other places of the world. 

I will not know about any official job offers until May 2014, but I can increase my chances of having multiple job offers by being involved on campus and taking on internships. All students take a mixture of the same classes within any specific major, so joining clubs and completing internships are the best way to differentiate myself from all the other graduates. For instance, I spent this summer learning about property management with The Bozzuto Group in the Maryland/D.C. area. I applied my sales skills from my marketing courses and combined it with the Fair Housing Laws that The Bozzuto Group taught me and successfully leased 19 apartments in three months. For this fall semester, I look forward to learning from BEACON about market research, which is an industry with which I am not familiar. With every internship, I take away a valuable experience that will help shape my career path after graduation.

I believe that networking is the greatest asset one can have. While studying abroad, I built the greatest friendships with the 11 other group members with whom I traveled. Within my internships, I learned hands-on from professionals in that field and further built my professional network. With every lecture or on-campus speaker, I see someone who can help me be a better and well-rounded person by teaching me something new. I am confident that with all I learned and experienced at Salisbury University, and when I walk across the stage in May, I will be more than prepared for the real world.

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