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Student Spotlight: Jules Waxman

Jules Waxman
Jules Waxman

Over this past summer, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a summer intern for Maidenform at their corporate headquarters in Woodbridge, NJ. There were three major components to my internship. I was part of the company’s small, but focused, e-commerce team working on numerous near-term projects supporting the company’s live Web site. Second, along with one other intern, we were assigned a project that we needed to develop from concept to formal presentation to be presented to the CEO and his executive board. And lastly, our human resources facilitator provided the opportunity for regular meet-and-greets with executives throughout the company. Combined, these three activities provided exceptional insight into various job opportunities to consider after graduation.

A significant part of the summer was spent working on a business proposal for a new retail concept. At first, this seemed like a hugely overwhelming task, without a syllabus or solid guidelines to lead the way. To my surprise, having worked on large projects in my classes turned out to be a significant competitive advantage. It allowed us to view this giant project with level heads, deconstruct it into sub-tasks, set milestones and dive right in. Presenting every few weeks to a steering committee, my partner and I started with a competitive analysis and strategic SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats). Once we aligned on the core concept, we needed to firmly establish a viable business case. In meeting with individuals responsible for the retail, logistics, customer service, marketing, IT and even legal departments, we gained a very real appreciation of all the expenses and trade-offs required to bring a new offering to market.

A most valuable part of the internship was the executive meet-and-greets, which offered very tangible advice for our intern project as well as exposure to various corporate functions. I had the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with a wealth of vice presidents and upper management. They were all very supportive of the internship program and eager to hear about my educational and extracurricular experiences at Salisbury University. A final key lesson I learned during this summer internship is that when commuting by car in New Jersey, if you aren’t on the road before 7 a.m., your commute can take twice as long. As much as it pains me to say, there may actually be some value in taking 8 a.m. classes to prepare for the real world.

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