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Another Exciting Year Ahead

(L to R) Darya Tarasova, Sarah Bunch, Sujana Regmi

BEACON – Salisbury University’s Business, Economic and Community Outreach Network – is looking forward to another exciting and busy year ahead with a new team at the helm. Under the direction of Dr. Memo Diriker, director, and Sarah Bunch, assistant director, an outstanding team of graduate assistants, undergraduate research assistants and ABLE interns will be working on a variety of business, economic and community development consulting and assistance projects for clients on the Eastern Shore and elsewhere around Maryland and Delaware. With a team of student researchers originating from countries including Nepal, India, Russia and the United States, the BEACON team draws strength from the diverse backgrounds and experiences of each team member.

BEACON is glad to welcome back Sujana Regmi again this year. She is a graduate student finishing her second year of the Master of Business Administration program. Sujana has been a valuable team member throughout the spring and summer of 2012. Her current projects include the Maryland Broadband Planning Project and updating the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Additionally, the staff welcome back Rose MacGregor, who commences her second year with BEACON this fall as she continues through the M.B.A. program. Rose is in charge of managing BEACON’s Bienvenidos initiative, which brings together a wide range of stakeholders each month to discuss the needs of the immigrant population on the Eastern Shore. Additionally, she has championed several projects throughout her time at BEACON, including the Somerset County Library Marketing Plan and the STEM Grant Evaluation. The outstanding quality of her work is evidenced by the number of clients she has engaged in new or follow-up projects.

Two new graduate assistants join the BEACON team this fall as they begin the M.B.A. program: Darya Tarasova and Vani Vemuganti.

Darya graduated from Samara State Aerospace National Research University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science. She has always enjoyed working on campus and participating in many activities, such as writing for the university newspaper, conducting research, and taking part in sports and science competitions. She is “extremely glad now that my work at BEACON reflects both my interests in IT and business fields.” She is being trained in our dashboard software that brings together several fields to create business intelligence tools for our clients. Darya “finds dashboard and database projects very interesting and is looking forward to learning more about this field and maybe even choosing this specialization for my future career.”

Vani was born and raised in India and moved to United States in 2007. She comes to us with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a professional certification of company secretaryship, majoring in corporate laws and finance. She is beginning her M.B.A. this fall after being in the corporate sector for over eight years in financial roles in various industries and working to be an entrepreneur. Outside of school and work, Vani is a movie fanatic and finds that books and movies are “the cheapest way of travel for her.”

Tim Brady is beginning his second semester as an undergraduate research assistant. He is a senior pursuing a degree in applied mathematics and economics. In his first semester with BEACON, Tim worked extensively on an economic impact study of wastewater management projects. Throughout his time at SU, he has taken part in various student organizations such as the Math and Computer Science Club and Econ Society. He is also a member of Salisbury’s chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon, an economics honor society. In his free time, he plays sports in a Wicomico County Recreation League.

Arielle Champagne is the youngest member of the BEACON team, starting her sophomore year this fall. She continues to hold the position of undergraduate research assistant and shows amazing promise as a creative intellectual and business professional. She assists Rose with running the Bienvenidos initiatives and provides research assistance on many of the BEACON projects. Arielle is also in direct contact with clients and is a great representative of BEACON.

Michelle Arias will join the BEACON team this fall as an ABLE intern. She is an international business major and will assist BEACON in its work with the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) and its own initiative, the European American Business Institute. Michelle is sure to be an invaluable asset to the team.

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