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SU’s Finance Students’ Trip to NYC

SU’s Finance Students’ Trip to NYC group photo

Students from Salisbury University’s Financial Management Association (FMA) and the Practicum in Portfolio Management course participated in the FMA’s annual trip to New York City April 25-28. The group of 35 students departed Perdue Hall for New York City at 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 25, accompanied by faculty advisor Dr. Ani Mathers and practicum instructor Dr. Herman Manakyan. As in years past, the trip was facilitated by a number of generous alumni in New York City who gave considerable amounts of their time to make the trip a success.

On Thursday morning, students had the opportunity to visit PIMCO, where they heard from five speakers, including Marc Seidner, chief investment officer of nontraditional products. We learned a lot about the bond market, including hearing from a portfolio manager in municipal bonds, and got insight into PIMCO’s corporate outlook around market trends. The visit concluded with an opportunity to hear from the head of recruiting for PIMCO’s NYC office about the qualities that they look for when hiring.

Following the visit, we took a break for lunch, then regrouped to take the subway downtown to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where we were met by SU Class of 1988 alumnus Ron McGann, who arranged the visit, and SU Class of 2016 alumna Noor Shadid. Led by Joe Tama, we had the unique opportunity to go on the floor of the NYSE, which is not open to the public, where we also saw SU Class of 1991 alumnus John Elliott, who works on the floor of the NYSE. We were able to watch the closing bell from the balcony overlooking the floor, and at the conclusion of the visit, we had photos taken in front of the closing bell on the floor of the NYSE. We also took the opportunity to get photos by the famous Charging Bull sculpture, as well as with the Fearless Girl statue (created by an SU alumna).

Finally, we took the subway back uptown to Société Générale, where SU Class of 1995 alumnus John Fitzgerald generously hosted a student-alumni networking event. The students were joined by about 20 alumni who work in New York City. After mingling, the students were split into groups to participate in “speed networking,” with groups moving from table to table to talk to the alumni who were present. This provided students with a great opportunity to make meaningful connections with alumni and learn more about what it’s like to live and work in the finance capital of the world.

On Friday morning, we walked to J.P. Morgan, where we once again met McGann, vice chairman of J.P. Morgan Private Bank. We had the opportunity to hear from Stephen Parker, a frequent CNBC contributor, about global investing in the current market environment. We then heard from a panel of four analysts, all of whom are recent graduates, about their jobs, what they like about JP Morgan and challenges in transitioning from college to work. Next, two associates, including Shadid, spoke about next steps in the career progression. She was able to give students an overview of a recent SU graduate’s progression at JP Morgan and the importance of networking and persistence. At the end of their discussion, McGann gave students advice on goal setting and career development, and he challenged students to think about their takeaway from their time in NYC. Students had the opportunity to ask a number of questions throughout the morning.

After breaking for lunch, we regrouped at the hotel to walk to FOX Television. SU Class of 1996 alumnus and FOX Television CFO Joe Dorrego arranged for a tour of the studios. We appreciated the opportunity to see behind-the-scenes of well-known productions at FOX Business, FOX News and FOX Sports. At the end of the day, students were allowed to explore the city and find dinner on their own. We departed as a group on Saturday morning.

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