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Catchin' Up with...Eric Church Jr.

Eric Church Jr.
Eric Church Jr.

I remember my first day at Salisbury like it was yesterday. Despite having to evacuate campus immediately after hanging the last poster in my Pocomoke Hall dorm room, thanks to Hurricane Irene, I was excited and eager to see all that Salisbury had to offer. I was looking forward to meeting new friends, learning new things and most importantly, spending summers in Ocean City.

Coming into SU, I had an end goal in site. This was to graduate with a major in accounting and a minor in information systems with hopes of landing a job at a Big 4 firm. While I had this goal instilled in my mind, I was reluctant to officially declare my major and minor until my first semester of junior year after receiving the final reminder to do so. Once I received that reminder, I immediately reached out to two family members who worked at Big 4 firms, one in Audit and the other in IT. Through those discussions, I realized that there was a lot more being offered by the Big 4 in the IT field that I was not aware of, making my decision even harder. Shortly after, my advisor introduced me to the ERP program, which was considered to be a “Soft Track” for those majoring in information systems. This program was comprised of three ERP courses, in addition to an intensive two-week SAP certification course and exam. I quickly learned that the ERP program was the perfect blend of accounting and information systems and decided that I would declare information systems as my major and accounting as my minor.

I realized I made the right decision during my first ERP course after being told by my professor we were practically guaranteed a job upon successful completion. The thought of having a job offer prior to graduating stuck in my head, and I started to become more involved with campus organizations, such as Beta Alpha Psi, because I understood the importance of being a well-rounded student. Less than a year later after attending Meet the Firms, during the fall of my senior year, I was offered a full-time position with KPMG, a Big 4 firm, as an IT advisory associate.

I started my career at KPMG a quick two months after graduation and am now primarily working with Fortune 500 companies in the greater Baltimore area. When I started my career, I communicated my interest in continuing to grow my knowledge and understanding of ERP systems, with an emphasis on SAP. As a result, I have supported various SAP engagements throughout my career and work year-round with our biggest SAP client in the area. Additionally, I was selected to attend KPMG’s SAP Foundations training in California last year. In my short two years with the firm, I have learned more than I could ever imagine. This is thanks to the diverse group of talented individuals who make up the KPMG IT Team in Baltimore. 

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